View Poll Results: Play as Shadow Priest as first\ and main char into Draenor?

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    The difference between spriest and majority of the other dps specs is that dot snapshotting is more big of a deal with shadow. Not snapshotting correctly on a destro lock, frost mage, hunter etc is MUCH less of a dps loss than it is for an aff lock or an spriest. Dot snapshotting is literally the only big skillcap spriest have left (should I refresh these dots before my trinket procs wear off or should I try and squeeze this last insanity in). So with snapshotting gone it'll literally be impossible to tell the difference between a really good spriest and a really semi bad one.
    hmm I do think there is some merit to this and I do think there is also some for the fact that there is addons which help so the skillcap is lowered a bit, I did read some interesting tweets from celestalon regarding enhance shamans not having a big enough gap between ok and great (paraphrasing) ideally that logic would continue over to the dot classes if the snapshotting does go
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    No. I stopped playing my Shadow Priest after 5.0.4 came out and changed up the spec considerably. I find it to be painfully boring and unenjoyable. It's almost as bad as what they did to Affliction.

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