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    Personal view:

    Seeing how the market is on many servers, I would go old school and farm for the old materials, then auctioning off what you may have left. Ghost Iron is a too unstable market currently, prices jumping so much that you lose on it. So grab your mining pick as get working.

    Reason Ghost Iron crafted 'prices' are so high, is because you take a shortcut and they think you will just get a pair of mist-piercing goggles. (Bonus nodes for herbs/veins).

    But do yourself a favor, mine all you need from old materials to new, then craft your way through blacksmithing. Spamming Ghost Iron items is going to be too expensive overall, you could have used that ghost iron for something else.

    Blacksmithing Guide - 'Shopping List'

    A long list there, giving you an overall view of what you might need.
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    I just follow a guide on google

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    Assuming buying all mats off the AH, and assuming your servers economy is atleast similar to mine....

    1-300 Normal way
    300-400 Ghost Iron
    400-600 Normal way

    TBC/Wrath mats seems to be very very expensive for some reason, and not only that, very rare. Even if I was happy to pay 100g per bar, there actually isn't enough mats on the AH for more than a few levels.

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    I levlled BS and Engine on a new alt, for BS I went old mats and some ghost iron, for stuff I couldnt get off AH and did not want to farm, i went ghost, so kinda a mix of both
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    If you have a miner, just dedicate a few hours to farming ghost iron. You will be losing a potentially ludicrous amount of gold but time wise it should be considerably faster. I'm considering making the jump from JC unless they explain how it will remain profitable before WoD.
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    i prefer the mining it all method, takes a while but its a great time sink when your bored and you can sell excess materials, however if you have teh surplus of gold, buying it all is a decent way!

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    1-300---Old mats

    300-400ish---ghost iron

    400ish-525- old mats
    525-600---ghost iron of course.
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    When I usually level blacksmith I do it by farming all the required mats with a miner (only old mats) which only takes around 10 hours max. Then I send everything I craft with blacksmithing to an enchanter and disenchants and sell the enchanting mats on the auction house. All in all it takes around 12-15 hours and you get something to do in WoW and some gold.

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