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  • Feral, Druid

    12 10.08%
  • Frost, Death Knight

    10 8.40%
  • Unholy, Death Knight

    9 7.56%
  • Windwalker, Monk

    17 14.29%
  • Assassination, Rogue

    5 4.20%
  • Combat, Rogue

    6 5.04%
  • Sublety, Rogue

    11 9.24%
  • Fury, Warrior

    9 7.56%
  • Arms, Warrior

    7 5.88%
  • Enhancement, Shaman

    20 16.81%
  • Retribution, Paladin

    13 10.92%
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    Red face What is your favorite Melee Damage Dealer Specialization?

    So what is your favorite Melee Damage Dealer Specialization, and why is it your favorite?

    Correct poll is up.

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    Windwalker because it is the most refined DPS spec in my opinion. It's a newer class where Blizzard has taken past experience to create it. It just feels more updated than say...Ret paladins?

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    Fury Warrior. They're drunken, raging berserkers who just don't give a shit. I've always been drawn to that type in games like WoW. I don't know why. I guess I just have a lot of pent-up rage or something. /shrug

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    Enhancement Shaman. I'm not even going to explain why. When you play one it just explains itself.

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    Windwalker, in terms of doing beastly things.

    The only big drawback is how incredibly chaffing Fists of Fury feels when you have to use it rotationally. It's one of those abilities where 9 times out of 10, it's a damage loss.

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    I've never really played a melee spec seriously, but I did like enhancement when I played it in cata and arms was alright. I've always wondered about fury, that spec looks badass as hell but I've never had any motivation to play it.

    Edit: Frost is also a fun spec to play if you just want to faceroll your keyboard.

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    Combat, because it's top in any well designed tier.

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    Feral, because it's harder than most specs. I get bored by most else.
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    Played all of them except monks. I enjoy feral the most. Last time I played frost in Cata felt like I was mashing 2 buttons and topping the meters.
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    It's a shame blood DKs aren't a thing anymore when it comes to melee dps. Oh how fun they were with armor pen. They were what ret paladins should've been back in the day.

    Ret paladins are pretty fun these days because they have flashy visuals and the rotation is pretty easy now that inquisition lasts longer.

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    Frost DK because of it's high pressure, hard hits, speed and pretty different playstyles depending on if you're dual wielding or using a 2-hander. I personally like dual wielding right now, using the mastersimple priority. I also like that we don't have to rely on long cooldowns to deal 'competitive' damage unlike many other classes and specs. We can also survive a lot of crap, and self heal. Oh oh, Gorefiends Grasp and Death Grip <3

    Also, being able to switch to Blood for soloing stuff that other classes just can't. ^^
    Especially nice when you already stack mastery as DW Frost. :P

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    You forgot my favorite... Blood DK
    ...Made it through 9 years of wow...

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    Enhancement Shaman. It's WoWs battle mage. None of the others even come close in terms of fun and coolness imo.

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    Fury Warrior been playing it since Vanilla

    Do I smell hate aroma?!?

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    unholy dk. basically because they're better than the other specs in terms of skill, and also a more advanced play stylethan a literal faceroll.
    in comparison to the other melee classes ive played, feral is fun but in pvp youre only dpsing 3/4 of the time if that, and arms is more of a priority than a rotation and always has to be melee to be effective.
    unholy has good cc and surv (especially against caster mwahaha) and I feel are in a decent place right now.

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    Feral, because I like being a vicious cat that kills people in stealth


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    did you ever play feral during cata? their rotation then was hard. its easy now.. so easy

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    For some weird reason, I like to play retribution paladin :P
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    Right now? Windwalker. I've played every melee DPS spec at 90 except Unholy(don't enjoy pet classes), Enhancement(like Sith Lord...err Elemental too much), Combat, Subtlety(hardly played my rogue at 90) and Fury(same as rogue + I only have 1 weapon), and none of the feel as... fluid as Windwalker(not counting Fists of Fury, screw that ability). Are there problems with the spec? Sure. Energizing Brew feels really bad, so does Fists of Fury.
    All time favorite melee spec is probably late-WotLK/early Cata Feral, because playing that spec well was so rewarding.

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    Windwalker Monk. I almost always play unarmed characters in any game I can manage to do so. There's something more satisfying about punching or kicking someone so hard they explode than using a metal object to cause it. Unless it's a train.
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