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    Narki 5 teaser

    Hi everyone!

    I`m back in business and I want to present a new teaser for my upcoming movie!
    (There will be no trailer this time xD)
    In plans to release movie in february/march - I want to do my best.
    If you don`t know me - check out my past movies.

    Please, watch it in max quality and with headphones;


    Soft used - Adobe AE, Sony Vegas, WoW model viewer, fraps, virtual dub;

    Soundtrack - Celldweller - Solid State Playmate;


    And don`t forget to rate/add skill point

    Also subscribe to my stream - -snip-
    And my Youtube channel - -snip-

    Mod edit: Please use the youtube sticky, making threads just to advertise is not allowed.
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