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    Problems with the website

    So I haven't been able to view anything on the Curse network (this site, Curse's main site and Diablo Fans) for about oh a week or so now.. I thought it was my pc so I wiped it, which I haven't done in about 8 months but thats for another time. I need to know if my ip was banned and if so what did I or the other person in my house with a pc do.. because well 99% of the time I lurk and just read things... Only way I'm able to view this site is view proxy and I don't want to have to continue using it...

    Why/IF I was IP banned what did I do? No e-mails or anything from Curse or mmo-champion (don't have an account on diablo fans)

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    No one?...

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    This is unusual.

    An admin will have to look at this and get back to you.
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    OK. Yea I don't understand it I only go to a few sites, facebook diablo 3 bnet forums my e-mail and then yahoo so.. yea..

    Do you know how long it might take?

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    i had this same issue a while ago, let me dig up the thread and see if i found a solution in there.

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    this was my thread, i remember now. Admin never got back to me so don't get your hopes on that end. my problem resolved itself in the end or i did something with the DNS i don't remember.
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    any up date on this problem?

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    Still waiting... Would like a update on this...

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    If it is Curse wide, your best bet is putting in a ticket at http://support.curse.com/home

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