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    Are paladins the way to go?

    Hi everyone,

    So my main wow license got banned a little while ago and at this rate it looks like an appeal won't fix anything. I started leveling a paladin and I'm really liking it so far, and transmog seems pretty sweet and their tier sets (imo) look great. My question is, is it the right class?

    I have buddies who've played their paladins since we started together (Back at BC launch) and they still love their toon. I played as a hunter/mage but I'd be in the market to play Prot/Ret. Primarily, I care about ease of play and transmog. Reading into both specs, they both seem very straight forward and not a whole ton of variables or thought goes into the actual aspect of the class (whereas behaviors in an actual setting is totally different).

    So let me ask you MMOChampioners(Word?), if your paladin is your main toon... Do you love it just as much as you did from the getgo?

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    why would you even ask "should i play a paladin" in a forum full of paladin players -_-

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    Every Class is straightforward and they all have good transmogs just because someone else loves their Pally does not mean you will and your asking in a forum full of paladins like ANAXI said come on now

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    All classes are right for someone. You just have to decide for yourself whether it's right for you.

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