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    Witty trade chat addons?

    Not sure if anyone else has noticed, but i'm seeing more and more people using what I assume is an addon for trade chat and general chat that auto responds to angry players (Particularly the ones who swear a lot) with witty remarks. I'm mostly seeing this in the Siege of Orgrimmar general chat channel.

    Does anyone have an idea what addon this is?

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    no idea but i do know it makes me want to rip their heads off!

    Kids, Kids everywhere.

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    Do a google search of "the text from one of the replies" (speech-marks included) and you'll likely find it.
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    Yea there are addons that auto respond to cursing, A few people in my raid have it, been around for a least a few months now. Kind of amusing, but most certainly spam if they are doing it in trade chat.

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