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    How are ferals at different ilvls ?

    Hi, I have alot of time between raids so I decided to lvl a feral alt, because who wouldn't want to be a cow who can transform into a cat.

    Question I got is that how good is feral dps at different ilvls, dps wise , ofcourse ? say 496, 520, 540-550 and BiS.
    I'm asking this because I honestly haven't seen any ferals around for a long long time, they seem as rare to me as rogues are >.>
    thanks in advance.

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    I've been top dps in virtually every raid I join since wotlk up until a few months ago (took a wow break and just came back so my gear is a step behind now), but considering my lackluster realm that probably doesn't mean much.

    Anyways feral is great dps but you really do have to put some exceptional effort into it compared to most specs.

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    Personally I have found feral to be:
    Very, very strong at ilvl 500 and below.
    Mediocre at 500-520 (you'll still top damage if you're a great player of course).
    520 to 540 is the point where you normally start getting some good snapshotting trinkets so I can't say.
    540 and above feral is incredibly strong once more.

    Anyway this is purely anecdotal evidence, but that's how I remember it while progressing through MoP.

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    This is supposed to be fairly accurate - but pinch of salt and all that...


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