View Poll Results: Which class do you want the Gnomes to have?

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  • Paladin

    39 19.12%
  • Hunter

    110 53.92%
  • Shaman

    12 5.88%
  • Druid

    43 21.08%
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    Hunter seems like the most logical one to me, so that's my choice.

    However, I've always wanted to see either gnome or goblin druids that transform into mechanical animals...kind of like "Transformers: Druid Style".

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    Of the various class/race combos still lacking, some of the biggest outcry comes for adding Shamans, Hunters, or Paladins to Gnomes. And I strongly believe the best possibility for a new Gnome class would be Shamans.

    Between Warriors, DK's, and Monks, we don't really need another tanking-capable class, even if Holy-spec would lower a bit of demand on the Priests, so that sharply drops odds for Paladins, if not outright removes them from the running.

    We totally lack any form of mail-using class whatsoever, so there's a big bonus in favor of Hunters and Shamans, if only for the sake of expanding transmog looks, LOL.

    With only seven classes (the lowest amount of all races), three of which being pure-DPS types (rogues, mages, and warlocks), and two of those being ranged attackers, adding a fourth DPS-only ranged class to make fully half of our already-limited class choices pure-DPS seems all sorts of redundant. And while the small stature of our hated rivals, the Goblins, kills the jokes about "eaten by pet" and such, the truth is, we simply lack the subtle empathy needed to have animal companionship - why else would we rather build our pets and mounts instead of breed them? Either way, down go the Hunter odds.

    As Shamans have Restoration spec, this would also expand the race's healing capabilities and raid versatility. Another mark in favor of Shamans.

    And the finishing-blow is this: Goblins, with the mechanical "totems" and elemental-binding contracts, have proven it is possible to use technology (and their craftily-loopholed legalese trickery) to utilize the powers of the Elements without the typical spiritualism and worshipful reverence normally shown by the other races who have a Shaman class. And since Gnomes and Goblins have been rivals since literally the pre-WoW days, it makes perfect sense that there could be a group of Gnomes somewhere, studying the nature of the elemental powers and how to harness them, in what basically amounts to "anything you can do, I can do better".
    Plus, think of the benefits... Steampunk techno-totems! Trainers referred to as "Environmental Engineer"! GNOMISH CHAIN LIGHTNING! What's not to love?

    Right now, the only two races with element-unique-model totems are both Horde - the trolls have different masks on each of theirs, while the Goblins have different fans and drills and such on theirs. All other races have a singular model with only different colors marking which element is which. That is obviously an unfair balance.

    Gnomish totems could rival the Goblin ones in their mechanical goodness, and have potential to offer element-unique models for the Alliance side - currently, only Horde have races (trolls and goblins) whose totem models are individually-unique and not just recolors of a single design for each race.

    I propose tiny clockwork robo-totems! The Air totem-bot could have a winged jetpack. The Earth totem-bot could have tank treads. The Fire totem bot could have a flamethrower. The Water totem-bot could have scuba-gear.
    Thinking about it, it is not entirely implausible my ideas for elemental robots might resemble Mega Man villains. This is just an awesome bonus.
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