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    80-85, its not ten exactly but i love cataclysm

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    getting a coffee

    outlands is a personal fave
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    Couldn't care less, any 10 lvls that are not 68-80.

    God, Northred is fucking HORRIBLE for lvling.
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    70 - 80 is my favorite because I have a choice of starting at either Howling Fjord or Borean Tundra. Later I can choose either Icecrown or Storm Peaks.

    58 - 68 I would sell my body to skip this bit.
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    I enjoyed Cataclysm leveling simply because it's doable in a couple of days. I despise Outland. It's by far the worst areas and leveling in the game imo and every time I'm leveling a toon I dread the 58 mark and Hellfire Peninsula especially. Gonna dungeon 58-68 all the way with doing as little quests as possible.

    After Cata, Northrend is a close second. (WOTLK is my favorite expansion EVERYTHING wise, Cata leveling is easier though.)

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    20-30 seems to go quite quickly

    Though i would sell a child's soul to skip 68-80 leveling!

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    I really enjoyed post-Cata lvl 40-50. Especially the north tip of Eastern Kingdoms, the Plaguelands and the like.

    I used to enjoy Northrend a lot. Until I was doing it for the... oh I don't know, 20th time? Have a few alts that died out in the 70 range.
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    I couldn't give you a level range. I'm at the point now where I just despise levelling. I'm doing it in bite sized chunks with a reroll guild and stopping at level caps to do raids before lifting the cap again. That is manageable because of the month of going through raid tiers before levelling again, but actual 1-90? It's all horrible.

    Vashj'ir is a fun zone to do. The story and environment are absorbing, but going 1-90 means skipping it. It is quicker to do Hyjal (significantly quicker), especially when you out level the zone long before finishing the quests.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FuxieDK View Post
    Wait... WHAT??

    Oh well, there actually was ONE person who liked Northrend.. I guess we found him..
    Actually, I think you're one of the minorities to not like Northrend.

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    I despise Northrend.

    I'll take anywhere from 10-40 or 58-68. I love Outland.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Itisamuh View Post
    70 - 80. Northrend is simply superior to everything else
    Yup. When we went to Northrend we had a purpose: cast down the Scourge by any means necessary.

    Outland? some random bullshit us vs them factionalism.

    Cata? more of the same damage control we've been doing since level one because apparently everyone in Azeroth can't even wipe their own ass without help.

    Mop? Jade forest has never made me want to murder friendly NPC's more in my life. It's one giant clusterfuck of retarded factionalism leading to loss of life, waste of resources and general incompetence on the part of the A/H on par with Gallipoli during WWI. Same thing with Krasarang wilds. The eastern half of Kun-Lai is more annoying damage control, while the western half leads into large-scale warfare against foes that are just BEGGING to be strangled with their own entrails in Townlong and the Dread wastes that Northrend wishes the quest system supported when it was built.
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    I love Outland so 60-70. Do not like the dungeons there anymore, pull everything in one run all the way to the fucking boss.. lawl. Can't even stop for a drink of coffee.

    Ethereals, great lore, kill orcs, awesome audio, cool zones, lots of pvp ganking, what more could I want? Only thing I don't like is the Draenei, such a shit race, disgrace to the Alliance. And those retarded tails and hooves... space goats *smh* just as bad as panda's in Azeroth.
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    15-25, 2 dungeons and its over.

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    68-78, Northrend zones have by far the most pleasing visuals for me. Also, I can dwell in nostalgia when I play in those zones, so the leveling process is
    really relaxing there for me.
    Also the dungeonsat that level are the most fun as well for LFD 15-85.

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    None.. I dislike leveling :?
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    In tbc everyone wished they were playing vanilla. In cataclysm everyone will wish they were playing wotlk.
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    Actually 85-90 is my favourite levelling experience, even though it's not 10 levels. I also enjoyed 80-85 in cata too.

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    58-68 - outland is simply superior to other quest zones cause its not as linear, you can grab like 20 quests in hfp and just go do them while in que, hate that new do 2 quests , turn them in for 2 more, bullsh!t system.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Veredyn View Post
    Yup. When we went to Northrend we had a purpose: cast down the Scourge by any means necessary.

    Outland? some random bullshit us vs them factionalism.
    Sorry but what? In TBC we knew that the enemies were the Burning Legion. I don't understand how you can say Northrend had a purpose, but not Outland, when they both had the same goal, just with a different enemy.

    Agreed about the Mists levelling though. Helping comic-relief Panda's grow giant vegetables and brew ales is not my idea of Warcraft. That's why my favourite quest zone was Dread Wastes, by a mile.
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    hmmm, this is a tricky question, mostly because i've been playing so long, that at different points in time i preferred different things.

    before 1-60 was overhauled in cata, i used to love 40-50, dustwallow marsh and tanaris + fast ground mounts. (or going way back, getting to 40 so you could have a slow ground mount - it sucked walking all the way to 40)

    i have always enjoyed wotlk levelling 70-80, but i've done it so many times now it's a bit tedious - i always enjoy grizzly hills. have quested through there EVERY SINGLE TIME just because of the music and all the tree's, it feels a bit like the new forest.

    60-70 through TBC, my least favourite levels. purely because of how many times i have gone through them.

    80-90 wouldn't be so bad, but because of the cata levels, it's not a winner. the quickest levelling option in cata is hyjal 80-82, deepholm 82-83, uldum 83-84 twilight highlands 84-85. i hate it. i hate it with a passion. especially as i played the beta, i got burnt out on cata way way faster than any other expansion (everybody did! playing the beta it happened even quicker). it was incredibly disappointing and re-running those levels brings back all the disappointment.

    so i would choose 35-45 as my favourite levels - scarlet monastery dungeons, epic ground mounts, the badlands (easy quests and massive XP from punching deathwing in the face), mail > plate for warriors and paladins, leather > mail for hunters and shaman, and enough abilities to actually make some kind of rotation against mobs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by noepeen View Post
    Also the dungeonsat that level are the most fun as well for LFD 15-85.
    Like Halls of Stone Brann event? That's really fun :P The rest is just incredibly undertuned as always. Up until Cataclysm 5mans, it is impossible to perform a rotation as any role, stuff just dies at sight. How can that be fun, I'm not sure.

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