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    Yeah actually the more I think about it the angrier I get. This charge nerf is insane. This is an iconic ability we've had for almost a decade and it's always worked this way. It's even more a slap in the face to the guys that PVE only because this is yet another nerf thanks to PVP balance.

    I'm not one to complain about nerfs or buffs because I have faith in Blizzard, but this is something else. This would be like Blizzard deciding Cheap Shot should be a root instead of a stun for example. When Blizzard messes with iconic abilities that have been fine since day 1 2004 it really does blow the mind I have to admit. Especially since they're doing it now instead of in WoD.

    Sucks to be the warriors that only PVE though. How's it feel to get an ability nerfed again all because of bad PVP balance?

    Quote Originally Posted by Strakha View Post
    they're not losing charge, only the stun. its not that iconic to stun someone in a charge. apples and oranges friend
    It is iconic. It's been this way since day 1. Changing the length of a stun is one thing on an ability like this, but getting rid of it is another. Now THAT would be apples and oranges.

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    Tbh. Im sick off all the warr stuns, so imo this is a step in the right direction. Didnt expect this, but godamn I like it. Play a rogue my self, so i had to bite the nerf apple my self.

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    so the 90 boost still doesn't work? :/

    ugh... i want them to just be done with it so i know the price.

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    Lol Warriors. Get over it, 'iconic' abilities change over time. Remember Druids having to shift out of forms before shifting into another? How about when they made it so that you couldn't powershift out of roots which was there since Vanilla with Furor talent? Still not enough though, I hope we still see mass spell reflect take the place of spell reflect, -20% damage done in defensive stance and reduced damage done while in shield wall/ die by the sword then Warriors will be balanced. They will still enjoy the same damage output but will actually have to play defensively from time to time.

    Rogue change is even better. 50% reduction was just so stupid. Subterfuge and tricks nerf next and Rogue will be balanced.

    Mages next please, 20% ice lance damage nerf and buff Frostbolt by 20% so they actually have to cast once in a while. Also make it so that they give Rdruids something else during Symbiosis aside from Iceblock (I want to strangle the dev that thought it would be a good idea) something like Frost Nova would be a good replacement. Tones down the synergy between Mage and Rdruid and with Rogue getting subterfuge and tricks nerf would be a good balance change to RMD which is such a brainless comp.

    Further down, would like to see some Hunter nerfs to CC especially.Warr Stormbolt plus trap is already stupid, especially once you consider they have scatter and wyvern good to go as well. Again, would be a good nerf to KFC which is almost as mindless as RMD.

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    It was about damn time.
    If warriors want to interrupt they can use you know...their interrupt ability PUMMEL
    they still have stormbolt, spell reflect, mass spell reflect, shockwave/dragonroar...charge stun was way too much, a spell that allows them to keep 100% uptime on target and also stun? My 9 years old brother could beat the s. out of any caster with a warrior.
    In TBC you fake casted to make them waste pummel, nowdays they can't fail to kick a spell, they preemptively stun you, how's that skilled gameplay?

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    Timeless Isle drops and weps should at least have to be upgraded to 516 (Heroic Scenario Level), they are useless now that we'll get 522 with Honor much easier. Logic?

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    Stop the bullcrap on we had it since day 1... who cares you could interrupt rvery 12 sec without any effort.. it was to much... sorry i saw this coming.

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    Don't see anything

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    Quote Originally Posted by militaryspartan View Post
    The main problem was that due to the short CD of charge via talents. Warriors could keep up time on targets while interrupting casting with very little effort.
    Couldn't it have been addressed with a change to the talent(s) instead? Taking away the stun from Charge feels like something of a cop out.
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    oh blizzard why... *** logic

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