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    Quote Originally Posted by TOlzzon View Post
    Now what shall I do at work ;/ ungh..!
    Hahah, this! Even brought my lappy and a portable wireless connection this time and then not being able to play :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aliessil View Post
    Unfortunately it's not just WoW, it's the entire Battle.Net game system (WoW, D3, SC2, HS). While I'm glad it's being fixed, I'm wondering why they didn't do it yesterday, when people expect systems to be down.
    I would assume they haven't figured out how to do it by then, and is certain they found the problem now. So rather do it now than in 5-6 days.
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    servers are still up : )
    its just the login part thats down.
    so whatever you do stay online if your online

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    They are also doing 4 sets of realm mergers. It is possible to have more than one hobby. Might I suggest japanese rock gardens, or bonzai trees? It would seem you need to reduce the stress in your world.

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