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    Quote Originally Posted by Humbugged View Post
    Lol I love when threads like this pop up on these forums. Its like girls are some mystical creature that needs to be handled with care and charisma.
    No, they need to be pushed, slapped and bro-ed, but they're just rare in gaming.
    Science flies you to the moon. Religion flies you into buildings.
    To resist the influence of others, knowledge of oneself is most important.

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    I don't really care about gender. All i care about is that the person behind the screen know what button to press and when.
    Quote Originally Posted by vep View Post
    Are you really looking for logic in a game that sends you dragons via the mail service?...

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    Obviously I'm a girl in real life but recently I changed my mains name from Naomi (my real life name) to something else. All the time i get guys whispering me trying to make conversation and wouldn't leave me alone. But gender shouldn't matter, When you befriend them and get close just ask.

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    Why the hell would I care? OP either creeper or 14 yold, or both.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chingylol View Post
    How do YOU find out if it's a chic or not?

    I see no reason why I'd need to know that. So it doesn't matter. So I don't try to find out. And I feel I'm happier that way. People behave differently as soon as they find out who/what you are. And that causes things to be kind of uncomfortable.

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