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    Help: TMW to display multiple buffs/debuffs on target

    Hello all,
    Currently I'm running TMW, and it has become one of the most essential add-on that I use.
    I have no problem displaying a buff or buffs on a target through an icon.
    My questions are:
    1. Can someone show me how to set up TMW to display a list of buffs?
    2. Have the list grown from left to right.

    a. track bubble on target
    b. track dark bargain on target
    c. track earth shield on target

    1. If bubble is on target, it'll always be on the left most icon.
    2. If bubble is not on target, but dark bargain is, then dark bargain will be on the first icon.
    3. If all of the buffs mentioned above exist, then each buff will be displayed from left to right.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Been a while since I used TMW as I switched to WA but I do know this is possible, by setting up a new group and configuring the individual spells within the group. Sorry I cant be any more specific than that but I remember it being not too difficult.

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    You want to make a group of 3, go to icon sorting under the group settings and use icon id as priority.

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    Thanks for the replies.
    By following empo's advice I was able to achieve the setting I want.
    Much appreciated.
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