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    Demon hunter class idea

    I decided to write my own concept idea of Demon hunter class.

    Here is how I see Demon hunter class, as a furious melee fighter who enchances himself with demonic energies using fel//fire/shadow magic with 2 dps and 1 tanking specialization. Demon hunter does not have any passive tanking bonus but instead focuses on major damage absorption during combat. Damage dealing specs have unique resources. Numbers are only to give general idea of the abilities.

    Images are from wowdb and wowwiki.

    Armor specialization
    Primary attribute

    General Abilities:

    The demon within
    3 minute cooldown
    Instant cast
    Demon hunter transforms himself into a demon, gaining entirely new set of abilities but is unable to use normal Demon hunter abilities. Lasts 30 seconds.

    ----------------Demon abilities

    Instant cast
    2 charges
    6 second charge
    Sends forth a bolt of doom, dealing 400 damage to enemy target.

    Fel cleave
    Instant cast
    Sweeps demonic claw through the opponents, dealing 300 damage to all enemies in front of the demon.

    Shadow realm
    Instant cast
    2 minute cooldown
    Grips enemy target and transfers both demon and the target into a shadow realm for 6 seconds. In shadow realm, 2 demons
    come to aid Demon hunter in attacking the target and all damage done is increased by 20%.

    Demonic flight
    Instant cast
    Cooldown 1 minute
    Demon rises from the ground temporarily flying, increasing movement speed by 100%.

    Demon armor
    Instant cast
    1 minute cooldown
    Decreases all damage taken by 30%

    Devour magic
    Consumes up to 3 buffs from enemy target, for each consumed buff the Demon hunter gains 100 hit points and 80 mana.

    Demonic Rush
    Instant cast
    Run towards targeted point at great speed, leaving trail of blazing felfire burning all enemies along the way and damaging all enemies around the target area for 800 felfire damage in radius of 8 yards.

    Fel shackles
    Instant cast
    Immobiles enemy for 4 seconds.

    Shadow prison
    Imprisons enemy in shadow realm for 8 seconds.

    Hoof strike
    Instant cast
    30 second cooldown
    Stuns the target for 5 seconds

    Demon hunter enters in meditative state and heals himself for 3% of total health every 1 second, lasts 10 seconds or until cancelled. Demon hunter is immune to all damage during the effect and unable to attack.

    Throw glaive
    20 yard range
    Throw glaives at target enemy dealing 200 damage.

    Specialization descriptions:

    Damage dealing spec, demon hunter specializes in empowerment of weapons. Abilities are centralized around gathering and focusing demonic energies and vitality of opponents to unleash dark powers through demon hunters weapons. Unique resource system, Chaos Energy which is generated through various abilities.

    Instant cast
    Strike an enemy with weapon dealing 200 shadow damage and inflicting target with Consuming shadows dealing 15 shadow damage every 1 second, lasts 20 seconds. Void bolt refreshes the Consuming shadows. Gives 50 chaos energy.

    Void bolt
    Instant cast
    10 second cooldown
    3 charges
    Sends a bolt of dark magic at enemy dealing 200 shadow damage, if target is affected by Consuming shadows the damage is increased by 30%. Gives 80 chaos energy.

    Mana burn
    Instant cast
    Burns target mana for 10 000 mana over 10 seconds dealing arcane damage equal to mana burnt and gives 10 chaos energy per every 1000 mana burnt.

    Fury of Azzinoth
    Instant cast
    2 minute cooldown
    Demon hunter gains Fury of the Azzinoth, striking with both weapons with a great force causing 500 arcane damage and 500 physical damage over 5 seconds, also applies bleed effect for 4 seconds for 100% of the physical damage done and slowing the target for 8 seconds. Gives 100 chaos energy over 4 seconds.

    Flame burst
    1.5 second cast
    Unleashes a blast of fire in 10 yard radius around the Demon Hunter, burning all enemies for 8000 damage and additional 2000 as burning debuff over 3 seconds. Gives 200 chaos energy.

    Empower weapon: Taint of Sargeras
    Chaos energy cost 1000
    Instant cast
    Empowers the Demon Hunters weapons with Taint of Sargeras, increasing attack speed by 100% and increasing damage done by both weapons by 100% and adds 100 felfire damage on every hit at the cost of health. 3% of health is lost every 2 second for the duration of effect. Lasts 20 seconds.

    Empower weapon: Waters of Eternity
    Chaos energy cost 1000
    Instant cast
    Empowers the Demon Hunters weapons with Waters of Eternity, shielding demon hunter and all allies in 8 yard radius for 20000 damage and Demon Hunter gains +200 arcane damage to all abilities. Lasts 20 seconds.

    Empower weapon: Curse of Kil Jaeden
    Chaos energy cost 1000
    Empowers Demon Hunters weapons with curse of Kil Jaeden, making all Demon Hunters melee attacks heal the Demon Hunter for 2% of total health, but increases damage taken by 20%. Lasts 20 seconds.

    Fel master
    Damage dealing specialization. Demon hunter becomes one with the demonic energies, changes appearance by growing permanent demonic wings. Unique resource system, Fel Essence. Abilities are divided into two categories; mana abilities and Fel Essence abilities. Use mana abilities to gain Fel Essence and spend the Fel Essence to use more powerful abilities.

    Melee range
    Instant cast
    Strike felflaming weapons at enemy target, dealing 1000 felfire damage.

    Flame crash
    4 second cooldown
    Melee range
    Instant cast
    Magic infused weapon attack which deals 1000 fire damage and applies Fire vulnerability, increasing fire damage taken by 10%. Gives 1 Fel Essence.

    Melee range
    8 second cooldown
    Demon Hunter does series of powerful weapon attacks, dealing 2000 physical damage + 50% shadow damage. Also applies Hungering Shadows effect, removing cast time of next Shadow blast. Can move while channeling. Gives 1 Fel Essence. Demon Hunter is unable to use any other abilities during Shadowstorm.

    Shadow blast
    10 yard range
    2 second cast
    Deals 3000 shadow damage to the target and all enemies around in 8 yard radius. Gives 1 Fel Essence.

    Fel barrage
    10 second cooldown
    2 Fel Essence
    20 yard range
    Instant cast
    A barrage of demonic magic strikes the target for 3000 fel fire damage, and does 3000 fel fire damage over 10 seconds.

    Aura of dread
    3 Fel Essence
    20 second cooldown
    Instant cast
    Deals 2000 felshadow damage to all enemy targets in 10 yard radius, slowing their movement speed by 40%.

    Summon shadow demon
    2 Fel Essence
    Instant cast
    Summons a shadow demon to fight for the Demon Hunter for 30 seconds. Shadow demon slows enemies movement speed and applies root effect every 10 second.

    Vampiric draw
    3 Fel Essence
    3 second channel
    40 second cooldown
    Deals 10 000 shadow damage over 3 seconds in a frontal cone healing the Demon hunter for 2% percentage of damage dealt and gives 100 chaos energy over 10 seconds per target. Cannot be interrupted.

    Demonic Enrage
    1 minute cooldown
    Instant cast
    4 Fel Essence
    Decreases the remaining cooldown of The demon within by 50%

    Dark Protector
    Demon hunter specializes on protecting allies against enemies.

    Crippling strike
    Instant cast
    10% mana
    10 second cooldown
    Impales target with burning weapon, decreasing damage done by 10% for 20 seconds and applying Burning wounds causing agonizing pain decreasing the damage done by the next attack by 10%.

    Empowering strike
    5% mana
    Demon hunter strikes the target with burning hatred gaining Empowernment of soul, increasing attack speed and reducing all damage taken by 10%. Empowernment of soul stacks up to 3 times.

    Wall of shadow
    Instant cast
    30% mana
    Demon hunter summons a wall of shadow, obscuring all attacks against Demon hunter and allies behind the Wall of shadow.

    Fel provoke
    10 second cooldown
    10% mana
    Damaging attacks against the Demon Hunter causes accumulation of Fel Charges, Demon hunter can gain up to 10 charges and can unleash them to absorb 2000 damage per charge for the next 20 seconds and damage all nearby enemies for 10% the absorbed damage.

    Fel provoke (unleash)
    Unleashes Fel Charges.

    Demonic Fortification
    Instant cast
    30% mana
    1 minute cooldown
    Demon hunter gains Demonic Fortification, increasing health and armor value of all items by 500% while under the effect of The demon within.

    Ring of fire
    Instant cast
    20% mana
    20 second cooldown
    Demon hunter draws protective ring of fire, absorbing up to 10 000 damage and infuses the Demon hunter with Felflame increasing all damage done by 20% for 10 seconds. Enemies crossing the ring of fire take 5000 fire damage.

    Waters of Eternity
    Instant cast
    2 minute cooldown
    Demon hunter splashes the waters of Well of Eternity, shielding the Demon hunter and all allies in 20 yard radius from all damage for 5 seconds and healing everyone for 20 000.
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