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    Does it get any better (shadow priest pvp)

    Dear Priest Community,

    I'm a casual PVPer these days and spent last season playing a few toons (lock, resto monk, enhance shammy) in arenas and BG's, only casual so nothing above 1800 as I just enjoy hitting BG's so I arena to get the gear. With available time diminishing I plan to just play 2 toons in S15 and have been gearing up my priest since Wednesday so I can have a caster/healer combo and maybe drop the lock and monk. On the whole I really like the play style and the off heals but it seems when any warrior/DK or rogue even fart in my direction I get pawned, defensives used at the right time, heals on lockout, LOS if possible, I just die real quick! Now I'm new to the class with a heap to learn but can any seasoned shadow priest give me a steer on whether it gets any better?

    I never have the same issue on my lock or when I go ele on my shammy occasional so I'm guessing SP's are just really weak against melee?

    Thanks in advance for any advice and please save any flaming for someone who cares...

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    You pretty much have to play with a mage or rogue who knows how to play, similar the healer needs to know how to play.

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    Yes we are really week vs melee, but it's definitely doable. You forgot to mention, were you talking about duels, 2's or 3's? In 2's there's pretty much nothing you can do, in 3's however you can survive melee much easier. Skill comes a long way as well. =)

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