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    Pure Crit geming for disc valuable?

    Gemming pure Crit in every gem slot ignoring socket bonuses. Crit vs Spell power in 25 HC man raiding .What you guys think ?
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    you're prob gonna crit a bit more

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    I'd follow the socket colors. Skip if the bonus is spirit and you're reforging out of it. Don't see many reasons to skip int bonuses especially when it is 120+, you'd rather look for gear with the most yellow and red sockets, there is quite alot actually.

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    I'm currently 576 ilvl with 6.7 spirit and obviously I do ignore my spirit sockets and reforging out of spirit in favour of mastery and crit. , what I'm interested is will my healing throughput increase or decrease by losing spell power but gaining extra crit.

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    Perhaps this might be helpful?


    Just play around with intellect and crit numbers and see how that looks.

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    I skip any bonus under 120 Int and gem crit in that case.

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    Probably worth skipping any socket bonus under 120 int and any non int bonuses to go pure crit.

    I Personally match socket bonuses, even spirit bonuses (currently running 9.7k). Don't have any mana externals (only my own Hymn of Hope) running 10 man and can run into mana issues on bad Juggernaut/Malkorok/Spoils attempts.

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