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    best main proffs for pvp

    currently im a miner+jc but i see people with jc+BS for the extra socket bonuses and stuff, what is the best pvp proffesion combo to take since mining doesnt really have any benefit in pvp and gold is easy to get anyways

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    From a min/maxing perspective (god do I hate min/maxing) JC+BS will give you the best output (leatherworking for the wrist enchant isn't bad either). However, I wish in WoD that they would make it so the profession bonuses etc couldn't be applied to PVP gear, that way they can keep it nice and lateral for everyone and people could have whatever professions they'd want.

    **Edit: Actually if they'd change the profession bonuses so they didn't impact PVP/PVE in any significant way it would make me REALLY happy in general.

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    Engineering is always fun and such a useful profession, whether in PVE or PVP
    You can tinker to your gloves, and to your belt with some pretty OP enchants

    As for the second profession - JC is good for gems, Blacksmithing good for extra socketing bracers and gloves and tailoring is good for the extra enchants too.
    Even Leatherworking is great for the same reason.

    But definately go Engineering!

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    Some people are mathematically challenged and that's why they swear by JC, if you're not mathematically challenged you would ALWAYS go for blacksmithing over JC as it gives you flexibility, but provides a full secondary stat boost (if you choose secondary stats, which is the biggest advantage of blacksmithing. If you aren't then blacksmithing is exactly the same bonus as just about every prof).

    Most of them are pretty much exactly the same, enchanting, inscript, LW, they are all the SAME bonus, idk why ppl have so much trouble seeing that the math adds up the same way.

    the only different ones are that mining and skinning aren't very good, herb is only decent for certain classes who could highly benefit from on use haste, blacksmithing is great for choosing secondary stats, engineering is the best overall profession for damage (plus has nice utility, like rocket boots / glider), and tailoring is also a higher damage boost for casters.

    So basically if you are min / maxing you want engi plus blacksmithing, or tailoring if you are a caster.

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    I think Caster = tailoring #1. Tailoring has also overpowered Net in PvP outside Arenas so if you are the type person who brings Flask Food to Random Battlegrounds by spending more Gold than you could hope to win back with honor then feel free to pick Tailoring.
    Engineering = #1 for all others, except Affliction Warlock and ShadowPriest where tailoring shares the #1 Spot with Herbalism.

    And in General, don't look down so much on Herbalism please: It is "free" to level and it provides a small heal in addition to the DPS boost.

    Also, come next Expansion, Haste will be a better stat for many classes and the heal will be high for the first season so I believe it is a valid choice.
    Capitalism, Ho!

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    Herbalism, Tailoring, Engineering and Blacksmithing are the best professions hands down. Which two you want, depends on your class.

    To my knowledge only Aff Locks want Herbalism, I probably wouldn't bother with it myself, but it's easy to level and not that bad for locks.

    Blacksmithing is really good for classes that want secondary stats. Warriors, for example, want as much Crit as possible, so being able to gem for +640 Crit is much better than just getting +320 Str or something.

    Tailoring is good all around for every class. The cloak proc is really really amazing for every class.

    Engineering is also good for every class. Engineering/Tailoring is probably the best you could do for DPS classes. You can get the proc trinket, Tailoring proc, and the on use Engineering gloves, and you end up with really crazy burst if you can line it up with some other CDs.

    I'd probably recommend Tailoring/Engineering for everything, with the only exception being humans. Where it's not bad, but you'll be using the proc and on use trinkets anyway, so you don't really need the glove enchant. But it isn't bad, by any means.

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    Engineering by a country mile

    The springs give great burst, The rocket boosts help to close gaps or race to objectives quick, The parachute cloak help to jump off great heights, The bombs are great for stuns and silencing, Invisibility for when you want to ambush.

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