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    Being in the previous Beta Weekend, I found out that Elder Scrolls Online even lets you choose a first and a last name. WoW really is lightyears behind, in this single aspect. Not bad, IMO. But, still, it'd be nice.

    Only problem is, this kind of a change would require an extensive overhaul of some behind the scenes tech, something that they'd have to dedicate a lot of time to do. Other games do it because they were made that way, WoW wasn't made that way, therefore infrastructure must be overhauled to do it. That = big change.

    TL;DR: Aint' happening.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deathgoose View Post
    The main benefit to having a "last" name would be to allow multiple people on the same server to have the same first name.
    Although if same last names were possible as long as the first was different, if anyone uses mine, well... see you at Christmas I guess. Will be expecting pie.

    (Although the maiden name I thought up for my Belf's mother turned out to be a last name used by one NPC, same race, so... well, I guess he's a cousin, my Belf usually /hellos at him when I'm there.)

    Same last names would be cool to mark some of your own characters as related though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Master Guns View Post
    WoW wasn't made that way, therefore infrastructure must be overhauled to do it.
    So, if they did something major, like Cataclysm, they could justify the change at that time?

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