View Poll Results: What's your stance on no-flying?

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  • I enjoy no-flying

    4 25.00%
  • I don't enjoy no-flying

    11 68.75%
  • I don't care either way

    1 6.25%
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    Unbiased no-flying poll

    What's your stance on no-flying throughout WoD and following expansions ? ( )

    Edit: Clarification: Other polls on this topic didn't have the "don't care"-option which led to incomplete results
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    I've always liked Flying, but especially hearing the reason to remove it is "targeted exploration" makes me cringe out loud.

    If they mean it like in WoD that there's gonna be another useless treasure after another and/or another useless rare mob after another which reward you:

    - Gear that is 90% of the time not for your spec/class
    - Gear that is worse than you're equipped with
    - Useless Pets
    - Useless Toys

    I simply don't see targeted exploration being a part of an MMO the scale of WoW, convenience should be way ahead on the priority list.

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    Honestly I can't believe the mods aren't stopping people from these polls. Ever since 6.2 hit the PTR we've had a dozen different threads all with a poll that boils down to, do you want flying yes or no? I think we've got it figured out. 55% want it, 45% don't want it.

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    We have enough flying-related threads without new ones.

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