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    [10H Garrosh] Maximizing boss DPS help!

    Hello guys,
    so my guild has recently started progressing Garrosh HC (10 man). We only had about 3 raids on him so far but we had a few attempts nearing phase 3 push. Now usually on our boss kills I'm amongst the top DPS (this is just to give you perspective). However, on Garrosh, I seem to be struggling to do good -boss- DPS. First, a few info for my role:

    I'm on the engineer killing duty in phase 1 and I am also in the group that baits desecrates for the whole fight. Now I could whore up DPS in phase 1 on adds, but those are falling over just fine with a bit of AoE from me when waiting for engineer to spawn, but my goal is to maximize DPS on the boss himself, which I seem to struggle with. My main problem is that between the desecrate runing back and forth (even if it is not a big distance) and later on killing the adds that spawn from EWC, I can never seem to catch a break to pump a few Chaos Bolts with good procs. Either my trinket procs when I'm running for desecrates, or MC comes or the likes and I'm stuck casting Incinerates on the move with a trinket proc and then dumping weak Chaos Bolts to avoid caping. The very few times I can actually sit and dump 3+ Chaos Bolts with procs is barely enough to push me higher on boss DPS. I don't expect to be higher than e.g. rogue or warrior who just sits on boss all the time, but I am much lower than I would be comfortable with.

    I am also running Burning Rush pretty much 90% of the fight so far, but it doesn't seem to be enough.

    Anyone has any tips as to what I could do to improve in general?

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    Play with higher haste to enable you to squeeze chaos bolts out if you are struggling.

    Use havoc to generate embers as opposed to chaos bolts.

    Havoc the boss when you run to engineer.
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    This might be pretty obvious already, but are you using raid port / Personal Ports to minimize movement to the engineer and the desecrate baiting? I'd set up a raid port for myself to move to the engi, then I'd use the personal port for desecrate baiting.

    Do you have any logs? While you've described everything pretty well gameplay wise, logs are a lot easier to judge where you can improve.

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    Our logs are unfortunately made private. I play with 10.7k haste, 18k mastery and 6.8k crit (reforged out of crit where possible). And yes I do use my gateway in p1, with self portal it's not that easy as we are moving the boss + desecrate position moves alongside with him.

    Incinerate is my main source of damage here while on pretty much every other fight it's by far Chaos Bolt. I guess I will just have to find a way to get more Chaos Bolts in between the movement somehow.

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    There's not really That much movement apart from going out for desecrates, and even then you can squeeze out a CB before you move back in, and by the time whirl starts spawning adds you should be able to havoc shadowburne already.
    It's pretty much all about you adapting to your raid's way of doing the boss.

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    well your main problem is that your aoe dmg is going to be much lower than it normally would be, if you werent on engineer duty as that aoe dmg is really what puts you over the top on that fight and your other ppl in the group can aoe the adds all day long, the only real way to improve on your dps is to not be on engineer duty at all, normally for me atleast, there is like a 100-120k dps difference in maintained dps between being on engineer duty and not be altho that is on normal, but i would wager that it is going to be the same for hc. just keep in mind that every second you use on getting to the engineer, get him down and get back to your group will result in a HUGE amount of dps loss coz 5-10 secs not being on the adds could potentially result in 10+ millions dmg loss with each engineer then add 2-3 engineers well then your dmg will be crap and there isnt really anything you can do about it, all you can do is minimize your time on engineers, like using gateways to the engineer and your teleport back to your group. either way, if you're on engineer duty, you're not supposed to do insane boss dmg.
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    Use havoc + chaos bolt on Garrosh when u gonna kill the 1st enginner.

    Use havoc + Chaos bolt on weapons.

    I'm running Mastery > Crit > Haste because I'm not doing weapons with other 2 ranged, Hunter, Elemental and Mage are doing it.

    Crit it's a bit better for soloing Eng. and single target dmg IMO.

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    Not sure what your positioning is like, but you can typically stand still for a few seconds before every desecrate. Just get in the groove of the timings and plan on CB'ing there. If your CDs are up, just spam CB on the boss and shadow fury the MCs if they don't break quickly. Usually warriors and ele shamans and other cleavey people break them pretty quickly.

    Unless your goal is to actually kill the weapons, havoc'ing them for embers will be better boss damage than CB'ing them. You can also havoc the boss before MC and dps the MCs for cleave onto the boss. You can use the rest of the charges on the weapons. If you have repeatable timing, pre-position your personal portal where you need to be when DS comes off CD so you can teleport and spam CB then.

    If you are actually killing the weapons, just keep the boss in the middle of the room and have the desecrate people drop them around the boss to minimize movement. This is how we do it, and we only need 2 spots (the first is dead before the third is spawned). Basically just dots from arcane Mage, ele shaman and one warlock havoc'ing are sufficient
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    If you are killing engineers, you won't be crushing the meters like you may be used to as a warlock. It takes until the end of the fight for our warlock, who has the exact same job as you, to climb back up the meters and even then he still isn't #1.

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    Thanks for the input guys. Yesterday raid I tried to minmax my Chaos Bolt timing on the boss and seen a considerable improvement on boss DPS. Still not beating the warrior/rogue who pretty much sit on boss all the time, but I was in top3 severatal times at the end of p2/start of p3 (not getting much further than that yet). We aren't killing the weapons, just dotting them up for people who get single target increase from it to make them smaller.

    Edit: I have another question - yesterday raid I have died a couple of times to some weak auto-apply DoTs when I got mind controled. Now I was the only person to die from it and it happened like three or four times actually. I was trying to figure out why and I thought it might be because I didn't turn off my burning rush fast enough before the MC. Has anyone else experienced the same?

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    Yes, turn burning rush off before MC's!
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