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    I would like to see them doing something similar to what they did it LK and add a solo boss like Halion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zechs-cenarius View Post
    Honestly the progression from Vanilla through max level TBC was best. It didn't render the T2+ stuff useless within the first couple of quests which honestly made it feel like the work put into those raids was worth it. Since TBC->MoP the gear reset within the first 20 or so quests feels as if you just wasted all that time raiding since your raid gear was pretty much rendered useless within that time frame. I have had numerous friends leave the game because of the notorious gear reset from the numerous expansions since WoTLK. I sure am no longer interested in raiding in MoP since going off of the past experience its all going to be replaced before I even hit 91.
    The problem here is that some people seem to be raiding for the gear instead of raiding for the achievement and just using the gear as a tool. Should probably just not raid at all unless you're clearing heroic because LFR is going to render your efforts pointless as soon as the next raid tier drops every single tier.

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    No. Top raiders should only have an advantage in the first few levels of an expansion.

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    It is currently the best thing you can wear while leveling, and even good through Heroic 5 mans if only due to the gem socks and enchants you already have on it.

    In Wrath, we had people claiming sunwell gear was still BIS pre-raid, but I don't feel this is how it should be.
    I am very satisfied with how it is currently, as either way its not any more difficult for other players. Just means you kill mobs a few globals earlier.
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