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  • Warrior

    23 17.16%
  • Paladin

    16 11.94%
  • Rogue

    26 19.40%
  • Death Knight

    21 15.67%
  • Shaman

    21 15.67%
  • Monk

    19 14.18%
  • Druid

    8 5.97%
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    DKs for me. The entire feel of the class is just right for me.

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    Assuming we're talking about melee dps, then dw frost DK. I just like them.

    If you want the broader "people in melee range" (i.e. including tanks) then Paladin (love prot, but I can't stand ret). Tankadin is my main & always will be, I wish Bliz would piss off & quit trying to shove ret down my throat - there is only one true paladin spec.

    If you want the melee dps class I'd be happy playing any spec of, then warrior (I don't like 2h frost & haven't played unholy in ages, whereas I like both fury & arms). I quite enjoy the "lilt" of the warrior prio, as it cycles through colossus smashes.

    If you want the class I'd be most happy playing as a tank/melee-dps hybrid, then Monk (love brewmaster & windwalker is ok). Love the maneuverability, love throwing beer at people, like playing a ranged capable tank + a fairly spammy melee dps.

    Rogue feels constantly energy starved to me.

    Haven't played Feral in ages & they had the same issues as rogues for me last I tried. Enhance was fun last time I tried it, but healer+ranged caster just synergises too well for me to have re-geared my shaman as melee (especially given how unwanted melee tend to be).

    And I've raided at least current tier flex with all of them except feral & enhance, so my familiarity is fairly up to date.
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    Warrior for me. It's been my main since 2006. I just like to smash things.

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    DK ftw. I love beating people with sticks. Also love my warrior too.

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    Feral hands down. I don't really know how to explain it. I never get bored playing my Feral. If anything most of the time I can't wait to play it more so in a raid setting. Sure the kitty is cute but the kitty will also rip your face off without as much as a how-do-you-do.

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    I love enhancement. Stupid overpowered if you're good at it, tons of self healing and damage reduction for soloing stuff. overall a fun spec to play.

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    I have not liked a melee class on any level I do my range casters and hunter, until monks came into the scene. Now they are one of my most played classes.

    I think its because of all melee classes, monks have a wonderful combination of speed, fast reaction, great survival, and don't need to depend on long cooldowns to pull off good moves, like rogues would. There roll ability is great for speedy movement in pvp and pve, there flying dragon kick is a great escape move or catch up move, there paralysis move is as good as paladins hammer, and there touch of karma is like paladin bubble only better.
    They also don't have an overbearing rotation list, its very simple to get into playing a monk, and still you can work on perfecting there pve, I've pulled off the most amount of melee damage with monks I'd only dream of with classes like dks and paladins.

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    Honestly, though, I like the zealous, walking bulwark archetype.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aljung View Post
    This. Nice non-constraining rotation and mobility.
    exactly. everyone says out dks are the ultimate soloing class, but I found myself being able to solo more with monks.

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    Rogue-Cause I can turn invisible and shit yo.

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    Monk - Insane mobility, great solo ability, and the playstyle just flows.

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    My Rogue is my favorite (although ironically, least used) toon. I guess it's because he was the second one I rolled, which is very special to me.

    Yes, the second.

    The first was a warrior who I thought attacked really slow and was very unresponsive. When I started playing the first ability you got was Heroic Strike and it still had that dumb mechanic of not kicking in until the next melee swing after you hit the button. I found it to be pretty clunky and slow, so I canned him after about 5 minutes (literally) and rolled my rogue, who I still play today.

    The problem is that I never do instances as DPS, so I use my beloved rogue only to do quest and do dailies. He's the first one to get loremaster every time a new expansion comes out and is also the first one to max level, doing every quest in the entire expansion before I even touch an alt.

    I did eventually roll another warrior in Cataclysm, a tank who I use for dungeons/raids, as well as a priest healer. But my rogue was my second and for that reason, will always be my main.

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    Love me some Rogues. Always love their speed, their do or die nature and feel at home in their cunning, planning style.

    Wrath patch, before Rogues got a heal (or so I have heard)... I love in the past having put my characters to the test on occasion, dared to go toe to toe with (PvE) things 8 and 9 levels above them. And by the skin of my/their teeth...we won, dammit. Their speed and edge of the seat feel in that situation, and only heals I had were Lifeblood and potion, that's exhilarating to me. I don't need flashy spells to be entertained and I find slower attack speeds annoying. (Tried going against one I assumed was 10 levels higher... came very close but had to give up on that one. lol)

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    Magic is for pussys and hiding is for cowards. Warrior the only honorable choice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashtwo View Post
    In all honesty, it's the raw appeal of the class. There's no magic, no spectacular pretty range abilities. It's just gritty, dirty melee, you're in the boss/enemies face smashing at them with 1 or 2 massive weapons.
    Warriors just fucking do it, and that's why I love them.
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