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    What is PAX and why do people who attend it get beta keys?

    Why give people who go to some random event nobody heard about get beta keys? Why not give them to players who actually play this game at a high level pve/pvp wise to actually test it and give feedback about it. In case of testing new patches/expansions they should find players who actually know how to report bugs and give feedback about classes etc... not some random nobodies who still thinks LFR/flex is progress raiding and people who define random bgs as PvP and cry on the pvp forums when they get owned 1v1 by "insert OP class here"

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    Cus we only use it to our own advantage to get a headstart!

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    How do you not know what PaX is?

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    Cus we the sickest motherfuckers who ever entered a challenge mode instance.

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    No one has heard of PAX?? Might want to google some info before you say that. I'm sure you're just angry you won't be getting a beta key. There are.....as stated...other ways to get keys "in the future."

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    Please post in the other thread about PAX and beta keys. If you need to ask about PAX that's as good a place as any. Thanks.
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