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    Auto Shot

    Does anyone else miss auto shot being a much bigger part of the Hunter class? Ever since they made it cast while on the move it is completely redundant and in my opinion, hurts the class as a whole. Its boring and hinders our total potential dps because we can put out full damage while on the move.

    Hunters used to revolve around auto shot from vanilla to early Cataclysm, we would have to stutter step while moving to let auto shot go off for maximum damage which would limit our mobility. It raised the skill cap, and for me at least was very fun and engaging.

    Because auto shot could only be used while standing still, we wanted to stand still. In turn Hunters could be tuned different and not penalized for being so "mobile". We were still the most mobile ranged class in the game but it required thought, preparation, and skill. Right now I literally see no reason for auto shot to exist.

    So basically I want to know your thoughts on this. Would you like to see auto shot be restricted to standing still again?

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    To answer your question at the very end; No. It serves no purpose really, if they want us to be less mobile (or at least lower out damage on the move), there is about a million other more interesting ways to do so - focusing shot being one.

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    Blizzard agrees that hunters should be able to opt into skill-based mobility limiters, which is why they implemented the focusing shot talent for all specs and sniper training for marksmanship. I think that's a much better direction than messing with an otherwise passive, mostly hidden thing like autoshot. Autoshot exists mostly as flavor (to distinguish us as something not quite melee and not quite ranged), which is totally fine, and also as a way to smooth out damage (since without it other abilities would have to hit for more and haste would have to do more) and in WOD as a vehicle for the exotic munitions talent. It's not an exciting mechanic, but it doesn't need to be; I think we're better off getting that from active ability selection rather than stutter stepping, though whether or not blizzard is doing a good enough job of that yet is open for debate.
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    Auto shot is the best thing, its the sole reason i still play hunter.
    There was no such thing as "ability bloat" just l2fp.

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