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    LF Disc priest for CM boost team! Tarren Mill Horde and Silvermoon Alliance EU

    Hey, I'm looking for a Disc priest to complete me and 2 friends CM boosting team. We're replacing our current healer due to low attendance and alot of slack overall, not acceptable.

    I'm looking for a good player, with two disc priests (if only one, you have to be willing to level and gear another one within a week or two)

    We only boost for gold, we take the gold on Tarren Mill horde and Silvermoon alliance, so if you don't play on those servers but still want to join the team, then that's fine with us. You can always buy battlepets and resell them on your current realm/guild transfer when you have alot of gold on either server.

    About our group: We've been boosting for about 2 months now, we take 90k for 9/9 gold boost on both servers, and out intensions are to keep boosting untill they remove CMs and start back up again if WoD CMs are gonna be boostable (most likely are, let's face it)

    If any of this sounds interresting add my Battletag Fakes#2347 for a chat.


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    90 k cool thats cheap.

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    Sorry, this isn't the place to advertise for CM Boosting.

    Closing thread.
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