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    Heroic Raid Lockout Question

    So my guild is a 25 man 14/14 HM guild and we just want to kill Garrosh every week for heirlooms and mounts. Still have about 15 ish ppl w/o theirs so far. We are quite tired of full clearing the instance and always seem to get stuck on the dumbest things each week. (Each week is a different mechanic we suddenly forget how to deal with)

    So my question is this: ( this is all on heroic and would take 2 raid weeks to set up.)

    Can we clear up to heroic Klaxxi and bring in 2-3 alts. Kill Klaxxi and then bring in the mains for Garrosh and down him.

    The following week we do the same thing, but as we get to Klaxxi we bring 2-3 different alts, kill klaxxi and then bring all mains again for Garry.

    The 3rd week we then use a lock from an alt from that 1st week and then for the 4th raid week we use a lockout from an alt from the 2nd week.

    It's my understanding you cannot use the lockout fro mthe previous week that went on to kill further bosses. So sitting a person that killed Blackfuse and then trying to use their lock out the next week for the whole raid, ofc, doesn't work. I am hoping this might, but I am not sure.

    Ideally we just want too find a way to skip to Garrosh each week since we are flat out tired of full clearing.

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    If you kill Garrosh on heroic he will be dead on that ID when you extend it from an alt who wasn't present in the kill.
    If you want to kill heroic Garrosh, you need to clear the instance to get to him.

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    Lahis is right - you won't be able to use one lock-out to extend and just kill H Garrosh each week, once you kill him he'll be dead on the alts save as well.

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    you can do it with lich king

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