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    Your closest raid boss kill

    Hi everyone!
    I've read through some pages of a thread about the worst possible wipes in WoW's raids. It's really heartbreaking to see posts like "Anub'arak had 5600 hp left when we died" or "0% wipe on Kil'jaeden". Browsing through the Net, there's no thread or site where people register their closest kills, though.

    So let's think positive. What's the closest kill you've ever had fighting a raid boss? On what boss did that last 0.2% tick off because a lone mage hit Iceblock just in time?
    I'll start:
    Back in TBC, my guild was progressing through Kara when WotLK scourge invasion hit (yes, we were pretty bad...).
    We head to Prince Tenris Mirkblood, the extra boss in there, and start the fight.
    Not much is going on, the fight itself is really easy. However, MT drops; then OT drops too. I think there was an issue with healers' mana.
    Boss is at 20%. He reaps through some clothies, a dps warrior desperately tries to stop him, but in the end, I'm left alone with him; me at half hp, and he at 2400 hp or so, with no dots on.
    I wanted to scream out of disbelief when my Arcane Shot made him collapse a few steps from me. I was so overjoyed with such a simple accomplishment that I passed on the Arcanite Reaper, but to this day, I have the feat of strength for the batling pet!

    What about you?

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    Dark Shamans on release week... I play prot pala and bosses where at roughly 10million HP left (1/2 Tanks, 1/2 Healers & 2/6 DPS alive)

    It was around 2.5Million the healer died and the other DPS then at 1million the last DPS died.

    Eternal flame was keeping me up, but just as Ashen wall was about to come up on me (which would of finished me of) managed to bubble and finish of the bosses. Was a pretty nice feeling since I had made a mistake earlier which was the reason behind the other tanks death

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    Heroic Norushen, everyone was alive most of the fight (maybe no one died, I forget) but at the very end he enraged, and literally every single person in the raid died, all 25, and the millisecond before he despawned he also died giving us credit.

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    Vanilla wow - Thaddius - 3% wipe with 2 people dead from start + 5 or more standing on platforms cause they couldn't do the polarity shifts, was the last attempt we had before tbc came

    Edit: missread thread but ill leave this here anyway

    I think i had killed some boss kills more then once with a single rogue alive due to evasion tanking.
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    Our Garrosh HC kill, which came on the back of almost entirely having to rebuild our roster, had two survivors. An iceblocked mage, and warrior sitting on 50k HP for a solid 10 seconds, parrying absolutely everything.

    The only reason we even got the kill in the first place was a timely bubble and sprint to the opposite end of the P4 room with approximately 10^6 adds chasing him by our holy paladin. The boss died just before the adds made it back to kill off the rest.

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    Heroic Ragnaros. Boss was literally just about to die, everyone was creaming themselves Ragnaros casts Empower Sulfaras and amongst everyone tunnelling the boss, he hit the tank with it and one shot wiped the raid. 0.2%.

    We wiped on Dark Shamans Heroic in my alt guild the other night on 2.5M which was a bit sad

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    This one is from Vanilla Anubrekan. 3 man out of 40 alive, and also Huhuran we killed with 3 alive.

    But many of those kills are really when you are going past enrage timers. There are so many

    Got several videos from that from Cata:
    Probably the worst of them all: Heroic Hagara:
    She hits enrage at 8.14 in the movie .. and she eventually dies at 9.34 lol.

    Heroic Madness of Deathwing: (at 14.40)
    Just like with Causal above, the boss oneshots the raid but dies himself too. But hey, expansion cleared!

    Of course Heroic Spine was just as close a margin call, with our Slimes tank dying, and instantly eating all the healers. The dps survived long enough to kill the last tendril. (at 12.10)

    Baleroc HC manages to kill 9, being eventually halted by our holy pally: (6.15)

    This expansion i cannot recall that many close ones:
    Heroic Immerseus also oneshotting the raid
    Heroic Elegon:

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    Thok HC, our strategy involves killing the boss during 3rd chase phase (we enter this phase with ~18% left usually), ignoring the add. That time we entered that phase with 22-23% left. We decided to go ahead and try to kill him anyway, we were extremely lucky as every person he chose had a major movement boost available (sprints, rocket boots, that stuff).
    Anyways, the boss goes to 2%, and suddenly he stops for a second, and refixates, but he lost his speed stacks. Everyone in the raid got confused, but we continued to dps. Then came the sudden realization when we heard the distant yell "Burn them, burn them to ash!". RL panicked, yelled "Kill him before he eats the NPC".

    Thok promptly turns to the NPC with 0.5% HP, eats him, turns red, and dies before the heal actually kicks in.

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    probably OR elegon heroic which we only killed because of our DK tank's purgatory proc OR our first Garalon kill which we killed (got the DBM/bigwigs thing that we killed it + the achievement "The Dread Approach") but it despawned and flew in again even though we could also go to wind-lord which was a bit VERY random xD

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    just a couple of weeks ago we actually fully wiped on heroic paragons, kil'ruk died a split second after the last person in the raid, we had to ticket for the loot.

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    Back in WotLK, our very first LK25man kills was pretty messy at the end. Basically everyone died before the 10% finish line, where only dots and a bubbled paladin was there to hit him. It ticked so slow, every second was like an hour, then the cinematic or what ever it was that cut of at 10%, came.. My ears still bleed - if you catch my drift.
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    Definitely had a couple of our earlier H Rag kills that were damn close to due to bad flame cleanup (my job).

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    Quote Originally Posted by CausalXXLinkXx View Post
    Heroic Norushen, everyone was alive most of the fight (maybe no one died, I forget) but at the very end he enraged, and literally every single person in the raid died, all 25, and the millisecond before he despawned he also died giving us credit.
    exact same boss and exact same thing happened, only at 10 men difficulty at our first kill.

    we could not realise we actually killed the boss for 10 seconds or so

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    Quote Originally Posted by .Nensec View Post
    Uuuh, nice one!

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    HC Norushen, everybody dies to bezerk, snake trap keeps the boss from despawning while a shamen ank, boss dies a few seconds later to dots.

    www . (not allowed to post videos yet)

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    Currently the closest I have seen this expansion was Sha of Fear. We were pushing him down and both tanks were dead. Kiter just died and we had myself and 2 mages alive. I had DBTS up and Shield Wall up ready for when it was falling off. Final hit was an execute, which killed the boss. Though I died at the exact same time.
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    Normal Shannox:
    we were doing our fist 25man run as a guild in firelands and we were wiping on shannox so bad.
    On the last attemp everything went so smooth, first dog died, second dog died then he enters P2, everything started to collapse, tons of people dying because they didnt dogde the fire, and it was me (arcane mage), a few dps alive, 1 healer and 1 tank left, suddenly the tank dies following the meele dps, i think one of the dps was a dps dk with tank gear as a dps, he switched to blood quick and was capable to hold shannox for a while, but the healer (a holy priest) suddenly dies and we start to kite shannoxs (we only had a few seconds because of the healer in spirit state and shannox aoe stacking debuff) he was at 1% then i take aggro and started kiting, poped mirror image, dk tries to tank, again but dies, he is heading towards me, and just before he does his aoe i pop ice block and right before could hit me i blink and finish him off.
    Vent exploded with screams of joy and happines, felt so epic :P
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    We had 4 people alive on our first (version 1.1) M'uru kill.

    Talk about pucker factor. Still my favorite fight of all time.
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    We had two in ICC. Our first Festergut kill, we lived with one person left alive, a Hunter who had popped Deterrence at like 0.1% HP and then lived as dots killed the boss. Blood Queen was similar, except it was a Shadow Priest who popped Dispersion to barely live at the end.

    Our first Nazgrim kill in SOO the only people left alive were me and the tank. We two manned the last ~1% or so.

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