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    Quote Originally Posted by Dropndestroyrr View Post
    This made almost zero sense. Try again? or maybe someone translate?
    it made plenty of sense

    you're just 1 of those slow people

    infracted: flaming
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hooliganz View Post
    it made plenty of sense

    you're just 1 of those slow people
    Damn, so harsh for no reason :\

    The gist of it was that he played both rogue and feral, and his feral got a higher rating.
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    I just plain quit caring about rogues this expansion. Our damage is an absolute joke outside of our one minute CD, our control is decent but so is every other classes in the game now, and our survivability is determined by whether or not the team we play has a stun or not.

    When I enter into any arena with a small corner and I see people spamming 50 yard hellfire at the entrance it just makes me want to rip my keyboard out and shove it down my throat.

    I have no hope of any fix in WOD.

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    relevant: What i HAD to watch after reading a few pages.
    Sativ on Youtube: Informational Guides and PvP Tips for Rogues!

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