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    I don't know why you guys are fighting about which strat is better considering that both are perfectly viable and I've seen guilds capable of killing it either way. My guild uses the Hisek strat -- requires more people to not derp on the dance but lets you spend more time cleaving and DPSing him down. But I've also seen more guilds do the Ka'roz strat just fine. That said, my guild is in top rankings on both speed and execution for the fight, so clearly the Hisek strat works just fine.

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    Of course they both work it's just a matter of pros and cons, and I personally tend to err on the side of giving my raid the easiest, most retard-proof, failsafe strategies. People always exceed expectations when it's time to fuck up, and RNG always manages to deliver. I rather not underestimate them and give our raid the best odds when possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonrisa View Post
    Just tried doing Cleaving Karoz instead of Hisek, and first try gave me another reason to cleave on Hisek: Korven ambered himself, normally we would just kill Hisek, and then Korven on next Paragon. On the other hand killing Karoz there is far from ideal (and most likely a wipe), so cleaving Hisek is yet another safeguard on that regard.
    If Korven ambers himself often enough for you to actually have developed the safety mechanism of "kill hisek, deal with korven+lyokuk+ambers till we can kill korven again", then your raid fucks up on korven too often.

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    Another minor thing is also if you bait Hisek in Amber you get 1 less aim. very minor i know but still . Also you can still bring korven to the entrance and have melee nuke him while ranged nuke hisek in middle and have less chances of derpng the dance, sure you loose cleave dmg, but this way melee can nuke korven without the need to back out for the dance.

    But baiting the amber to Hisek or Locust don't really matter, both tactics have pros and cons and it depends on your raid which one is better.
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