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    Noob question


    I just switched my WoW machine and was installing the raid frames pack from Curse.

    On loading most things seem fine but there's annoying bar covering the bottom of the screen.

    Because I'm new the forum isn't letting me post an image but someone might know what it is from memory, you can kind of see your spell buttons through it but it overlaps the bottom. It's black/grey.

    Can anyone help me disable it?

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    If it's a fat grey bar I think it might be either be Skinner or a Bartender4 setting that can be disabled.

    If it's a skinny bar, then its probably your XP bar in Bartender4.

    You can type /fstack and put your mouse over the bar to see if you can get any information from it.

    You can also try to post an image URL with spaces in it and I will edit for you, if you want.
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