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    I don't know how to handle the Secret of the Empire quest.

    I'm just going to start this off by saying this isn't a QQ thread about Secrets. I'm just in a huge jam trying to decide on HOW I should get the Secrets. I only have a month left before I head back to my last semester at College and then after that semester I start my job at a Law Firm and I would like to finish my game time with the legendary. I won't be able to play WoW anymore when the semester starts so I need to manage this time as efficiently as possible.

    Today I started the Secrets part of the quest chain and I need help trying to decide how to manage my time for them. I could either start running LFR to pick up the Secrets now but what has me worried is that Blizzard turns on the increase drop rate buff for the legendary quest line items this weekend. If they do that it means I could of lost so many chance getting Secrets if I ran them today. Blizzard didn't really reach out and tell everyone that they would bring back the 100% valor buff and rumors are that they will bring the increase buff rate buff again this weekend with the two buffs alternating each weekend.

    Time is precious here and I was wondering should I just not worried about the buff and farm the secrets before the weekend? Or waste days and wait til the weekend to see if the buff comes?

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    wasting days won't matter. You can only run LFR once before the reset anyway so it doesn't matter when during that reset you do so (group quality aside). In your shoes, do it this weekend as long as you're a) OK with perhaps a less capable group than you'd get early in the reset and b) not seeing any buff to the drop rate. Worst case? You get crappy groups and they haven't increased the rate. Best case? You get decent groups and they do buff the drop rates.

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    Wait until weekend. If no buff kill every boss possible. Repeat until done with quest or run out of time.

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    There isn't a 'waste' as the LFR doesn't reset until next Tuesday. So I'd just wait until Friday or Saturday night to see if they apply the buff. If not, you still have through Monday evening to get the LFRs done. It's not really an issue. Just wait.

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    Do it all on Friday night then, that is when you will know for sure.

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    either way... a month isn't enough to get you're legendary if you are not extremly lucky.. the 20 secrets and the 12 runestones afterwards will probably take a bit longer then a month^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deathhimself1234 View Post
    either way... a month isn't enough to get you're legendary if you are not extremly lucky.. the 20 secrets and the 12 runestones afterwards will probably take a bit longer then a month^^
    Yea I was told many times that I probably won't be able to finish it in time but I gotta try. I wouldn't be where I'm at in my life if I gave up to easily on things. Back to when I said wasting days if I waited til the weekend was because on the weekends I do odd jobs for some easy money and depending on if I get calls or not determines how much time I have on the weekends

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    This might sound rude but, why do you want a Legendary Cloak if you are not even going to play the game after getting it?

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    If you're smart about it you'll easily make it in a month. Start by doing each wing that can drop secrets for 2 weeks. That should leave you 1-2 short, so do ToT from the start until you get them all, saving as many wings that can drop runestones as possible. 2 weeks of runestone farming should cap those out - if not, you're just 1-2 wings short.

    When you get to the challenges, the Thick Pi'jiu Brew is usable in that fight, and the tank it summons will solo the slimes for you. Makes the rest of the fight trivial.

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    last time they did the buff, they did it for nearly a whole week. I say go balls to the wall with it and run as much as possible.

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    Wowhead posted a tweet saying, that the VP buff is turned on from July 11th to July 14th so I doubt they'll activate the buff for the Legendary quest items as well tbh.

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