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    Bronze without a doubt.
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    At this point? Blue. They've had a lot of tragedy throughout their history, but with the power of the Aspects gone, reducing the abilities of the flights, magic is still the same reliable ally. And with the blue dragonflight pretty much disbanded at the moment, they also have the most freedom.

    Besides Blue Dragons seem attracted to anything, so finding love would be easiest. And resistance to cold is great. Who wouldn't want to never feel cold again?
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    Someone at BioWare said it best a couple of years ago:
    "You could give the player a [Magic Hat] that would give them the exact gaming experience they ever wanted, and they would still complain about the colour of the hat."

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    Bronze. How does time travel not beat every fucking thing

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    The Blue Dragon Flight I loved the lore from the Dragonwrath legendary staff quest.

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    Bronze. Nozdormu is the man, and hey... Chromie...
    The goddess in my avatar is Hayley Williams.

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    Blue because I thnik Malygos was missundestood.
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    Probably Blue. They've been through a lot I would love to build them up again. And I want Azuregos to come back!

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    Totally blue nothing like wielding the arcane powers of Azeroth.(Plus those runes tattoos look sick in your body)

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    Blue. Nearly limitless power and knowledge.

    Green is boring. Black is boring. Twilight is boring. Nether is boring. Infinite would just be sad. Bronze, at least, would have some interesting things to see. Red would be nice if I could use my powers to heal people like a traveling cleric of sorts but otherwise boring.

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    bronze for sure.

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    blue cause magic and all that
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    It really sucks that I no longer know when someone is trolling or just a conservative.

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