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  • Love it!

    40 26.85%
  • Hate it, I wish it was gone.

    37 24.83%
  • I don't mind it but I wish it was different or changed slightly(I'll explain in a post below).

    32 21.48%
  • I don't care if Paladins have Holy Power or not, I'll keep playing one.

    40 26.85%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zechs-cenarius View Post
    The concept of resources in a MMO is outdated. I mean really resource generation with the exception of the small handful of classes that are impacted by it is a moot point now with the insane about of generation of them. It would be easier to balance the game without them.
    we should do away with cooldowns too and just have one ability that does both single-target and aoe damage so we don't need to push more than 1 button or think
    "Why make trillions when we could make... billions??"

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    I love the holy power system, it has a better feeling when you are able to use a shield of the righteous when you have that 3 holy power. Before holy power, it was just button smashing

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    I like the general feel of holy power, but to some degree the power of finishers is kinda underwhelming; especially word of glory. As ret at least, one word of glory or unenhanced flash of light barely makes any dent of HP recovery; as both spells involve you literally forgoing a dps loss to pull off, the reward seems laughable.

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    I have not been a fan but I'm hoping the changes to healing in Draenor will improve the situation. Holy pallies went from only spamming flash of light for the most part in BC to getting HP added in LK to getting more and more cooldowns and buttons to press since then. I think right now on live we have more burst cooldown buttons to press than any other healer... which is why they're taking AW away from us etc.

    What will be really interesting to see in Draenor is how making our currently instant HP spells have a cast time will affect our decision making for using Word of Glory, etc as opposed to our "regular" casting heals.


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    I think it's a seriously missed opportunity. Back in Cata, the only spec to really take advantage of HoPo was Holy. Ret only recently has been given mechanical reasons to use DivStorm > TV (Not to mention babysitting Inquisition), and Prot is still formulaic (5 ShtoR's, pop EF/WoG, repeat). If there were more interactions (extra HoPo on crit, procs, etc) or meaningful choices (can Prot get an aoe spender? Or maybe a debuff spender?), I think it'd be a lot better.
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