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    Quote Originally Posted by MoanaLisa View Post
    Honeymoons are more important than WoW.
    Well, that depends on the couple. Our honeymoon will probably be WoW. (Or some other manner of gaming.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ixidron View Post
    So me and my wife have finally gotten around to being able to afford our honeymoon at Disney World and have it all booked.
    We leave on the 17th of November, and get back on the 2nd December.
    She was rather upset when she heard this news and checked the in-game calendar.
    Oh well ^_^
    Same thing happened for me with MoP. My wife and I had planned our Honeymoon 9 months in advance, and ended up leaving (3 weeks) on the morning on September 25, 2012 -- MoP's release date.

    You'll be having too much fun to care, though. Trust me.
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