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    The voice acting certainly isn't it's strongest point, the guys doing the voices just don't project the emotion needed in it.

    I still liked it however it was an enjoyable watch despite the voice acting but to echo some other comments " where is part 2 "

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    Heard about this for a long time. Watching now.

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    Hi guys!

    Thank you for your comments once again! Any kind of criticism is welcome and will be learned from. About part 2: We have to talk with Vaanel about the details but as it seems people really want to see more so we might just get to it after we had our well deserved break

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    I think this is the second longest WoW machinima ever. Behind Tales of the Past 3.
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    Just watched it, it's good. I saw that you did change how some events occurred and, I assume that due to time constraints you made some events act faster then they did in the books in a way.

    That being said, I liked it. If there's one thing to criticize though, is that you chose the worst time to release it, as the WoD information was streaming in the last few days and your movie kind of fell under the radar unfortunately.

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    I don't know which would have been the best time to release but I think the movie got into the spotlight and those who have been waiting for it could watch it already. But yea I know the release could have been more effective

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    Just finished watching, loved it, hope you'll get to do p2!

    Been a fan of Vaanel's work for a long time, nice to see it in use!
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    I don't even know what to post. This some truly amazing work out there! Enjoyed it very much and I hope to see more hopefully not soonTM but human soon

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    I don't even know what to post. This some truly amazing work out there! Enjoyed it very much and I hope to see more hopefully not soonTM but human soon
    Thank you very much! We are doing our best to bring the second novel to life!

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    Mannoroth's voice was amazing.

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    each time Azshara opens her mouth I want to kill some nelfs
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    Some voices were great, some were lackluster (mainly lacking emotion, just sound flat).

    Overall I liked it a lot, good job. Watched it in 3 parts though, but then I do that with regular movies too because my attention span is bobbins.

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