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    Yeah and I'm honestly not into FPS style games in general. I just hate being in that camera view not being able to see my character, I know in Skyrim you could change that but still just not my cup of tea.
    Honestly it's easier to play in first person anyways.

    To each their own.

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    There's always some moron who doesn't read the entire post from the OP.

    And absofukinlutely I would play it. I mainly play WoW because of the lore. If I could get that in heavy doses without a linear progression in a game that isn't gear based and heavily encourages exploration I may never play another game again.
    I wonder if you play Bioware RPGs.

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    Single-player Blizzard game? Not going to happen. They will not destroy their profits in such a way.

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    A pity several Blizzard designers already said in the past they will not make a Skyrim solo adventure kind of game.

    It contradicts with their game play first philosophy. As Blizzard wants FLUID, FAST, RESPONSIVE combat and other pure video game mechanics.

    I am too lazy to give you the earlier references but I do remember Pardo, Jay Wilson and others telling about it.

    Of course Pardo left and Wilson will only work in the shadow at Blizzard, but it seemed logical what they said.

    Certainly Pardo made some very good examples how game play primes everything, certainly realism and or fancy graphics. He mentioned the very surrealistic thing how you mount a horse in WOW. You wistle and a cloud appears and a mount springs up, all in 1.5 seconds (if it were animated in a realistic way, the game play would be hurt.

    A pure solo game also contradicts with their other game philosophy: players need to interact or even compare themselves IN and OUT of the game (Armories etc...)

    The bold is what makes all these Blizzard games go forever. Players compare themselves all the time and "show off" what they did. Be that purple pixels, achievements, ladders, various competitions (both PVE and PVP) and not to forget out of the game armories.

    You will find almost all of these elements in all Blizzard games for the last years.

    WOW and Diablo are unthinkable these days without their out of the game websites with player's avatars, while even a simple game like Hearthstone has ladders and show off thingies like Card Backs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ScourgeSlayer View Post
    Honestly it's easier to play in first person anyways.

    To each their own.

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    I wonder if you play Bioware RPGs.
    I have as have most people here. I prefer the more open sandbox style of Bethesda however. Bioware design is very linear and does nothing to encourage exploration, mostly because there is nowhere to explore outside of the narrow maze they place us in. Their story telling and character development is pretty top notch though, which makes it still fun to play their games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hrugner View Post
    I hate to do this, but are you familiar with the game Warcraft 3 was originally going to be? You almost got the game you want 15 years ago.
    Yeh, i remember reading that on local gaming magazine years ago. Was not interesting then as i never played WC1-2 myself as RTS's were (and still are) crap imo. But ye, i understand what you mean.
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    Yes i would.

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    Most likely. But I would prefer it to be in Starcraft universe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hammerfest View Post
    What part of "a first person, single-player RPG game like Skyrim or Fallout" was unclear?
    Apply it all to Skyrim.
    Quote Originally Posted by THE Bigzoman View Post
    Meant Wetback. That's what the guy from Home Depot called it anyway.
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    No, I completely hate the elder scrolls style gameplay. Tried it in Fallout 3, hated it, and have never gone near a Bethesda RPG since.

    Now a JCRPG style Warcraft game(IE: Final Fantasy/Star Ocean)? Sign me up!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ItachiZaku View Post
    Apply it all to Skyrim.
    That's a fair point. Skyrim was a terrible MMO.

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    I've been overall impressed with Blizzard's quality in pretty much every genre they've touched on. I'd at least try any game by them.
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    Why not. Skyrim is easily one of my favorite console games, would love to see a Warcraft themed variation of it.

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    Imma go out on a limb here and say probably not. Blizzard has a tendency to make relatively mediocre RPGs. Take Diablo 3 (ARPG) and WoW (MMORPG) for instance. Their risk-reward system is dependent on RNG and gear drops which inevitably makes the game grindy. Also, their character customization options are limited in both appearance and play styles. Plus, the need for many alts to experience the full story detaches the players from their characters. The stories are good, but it is made in a way which focuses on the characters and not the player's character. I know that last bit may seem confusing, so let me clarify. In WoW and Diablo, the main focus is on the characters in the game and you (the player) are just there to help move events along. Like character recognition in quest text is pretty damn rare (Gyan Stoutmantle in WotLK comes to mind) which makes players feel like no one knows that their avatar killed all the big bads. But in Skyrim and Fallout, your interactions with npcs acknowledge your pasts deeds which makes you feel like your character. In otherwords, that character recognition creates a sense of immersion and makes players care about their avatar.

    There is probably more, but I think you get the point. All the things I love about Skyrim and Fallout probably wouldn't be present in this hypothetical game simply because Blizzard made it.
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    If it was a game like Skyrim? No. Skyrim was fun and all, but it was too much sandbox and not enough RPG. Nothing you did changed anything. You could be the head of 4 different guilds, killed the big bad and the bigger bad, and no one would care, nothing would really change. You'd still be fighting dragons and looting entire dungeons worth of items to store in one of your large number of houses.

    If it was a Bioware style RPG? Hell yes. An actual story with consequences and the world actually changing because of things you do.

    Perfection though, would be a mix. Bioware style story and consequences, Skyrim style exploration. Don't use the Good/Evil system from most Bioware games though, use the one from Dragon Age 2, where your types of responses gave more personality to your character

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    If it came from another company/made the races look actually cool/Got the game out polished instead of quick to milk money/didn't go to the effing past to make a game/actually made the game fun?

    Then maybe

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    yes, once you get used to it its awesome. I play this game called smite F2P 5v5 arena style game, same mechanics as ESO

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    Yes. Definitely would.

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