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    how are elemental shamys atm. dps wise not mechanics. =)? question being both at current state and in beta =)

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    Well there is tuning going on right now in the beta so the numbers will change

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    Current state: Weak on single target, very strong on cleave aoe (though weak on multi-dotting). Luckily a lot of fights in SoO feature cleave in some way so I'd say we're about 7/10.

    Beta: Pretty strong single target, middle of the pack on aoe (though they are continuously tweaking EQ and mastery so I imagine we'll go up), still weak on multi-dotting and incredibly weak at movement. Sadly a lot of the fights in WoD feature intense movement. I'd say we're about 5/10 due to the amount of movement fights demand.

    It is beta though, anything could change.

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    ah thanks for the info mate =)

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