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    I have no desire to watch that movie, rented or otherwise. But this is definitely not compelling statistical data on its own. If you're going to make an argument against piracy, use a meta-data analysis, not a this-one-shitty-movie analysis.

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    I am happy to watch movies via legal means if they're willing to distribute them via a reasonable model.

    I actually fucking hate having to resort to torrenting.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hubcap View Post
    Rotten Tomatoes said 54% which is pretty bad.
    I haven't seen the film, but review site ratings mean little.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tojara View Post
    Look Batman really isn't an accurate source by any means
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    It is a fact, not just something I made up.

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    The question is whether or not they would have paid for it if they couldn't pirate it, not whether they only pirate because it's too inconvenient to purchase.
    Pretty much this. Piraters aren’t going to pay full price for this crap. I barely justify paying full price for good games and movies, so no way in hell will i do it for a crap or even okay movie.

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    Whether or not I would be paying the TV tax, which all Finns are forced to do, the creators of TV shows and movies wouldn't get a single cent more. First of all they've already been paid, and it's the publishing companies that are raking in the revenue, and secondly, I personally don't give two shits about what other people do - what I do doesn't change what a single other person does - and as such I'm only interested in what impact my own personal actions have on the people who make the products. I leave the completely pointless "whatifsming" to the people who have a need to cling to those kinds of fantasies.

    Having said that, I'm paying a yearly tax to gain access to TV shows and movies from the Finnish TV channels, which I do not watch. I am owed TV shows and movies, so even if I did resort to filesharing to watch a show or a movie, I'd sleep like a baby. As said, I've already paid my fair share, and the actual creators of those works do not get a single cent more regardless of whether I exist or not.

    But hey, "what if..." "what if..."

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