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    Unhappy So what's everyone going to be doing between now and when Legion is finally released.

    idk about you all but September 21st, 2016 is a looooong ways away. I mean holy crap.

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    Black Ops 3
    Fallout 4
    Star Wars Battlefront
    Selling myself out below

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    play League of Legends, watch tv shows

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    I sort of want to start playing again. Achievement hunt.

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    Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn
    Binding of Isaac Rebirth: Afterbirth

    POSSIBLY Roller Coaster Tycoon: World, if they make it work. x_x

    And I'll continue watching Legion's development closely.
    Currently playing Path of Exile: Delirium!
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    Fallout 4, mostly. And a bit of Heroes of the Storm and SC2.

    But mostly Fallout 4.

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    I have played in Dreanor for about 6 months now, except for doing the missions on all my characters twice a day. I been level another realm full of characters, that is what I will be doing for at least for the remain 60 days of game card time I have and after that I am considering going back to FFXIV since I have not been playing it all since I bought the new expansion. Might finally buy the Witchers trilogy and play through those. Might just not play anything and pick up a couple books and read them. I doubt whenever beta takes place I will be getting access to that, so WoW will probably go on the back burn until after launch, because I have zero interest in trying to be able to try to play on launch day give how bad they screwed up the last one.

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    Well I have a priest and a druid to level from 90 to 100, then I'll have a 100 of every class if you include the mage I just boosted (ten of those alliance side. my 100 'lock is horde). I also have an older horde mage that's 91 that I want to level (she was rolled back in Wrath), and a horde rogue that's level 90 (rolled back in Cata).

    My wife and I plan to use RAF to get the latest mount and we decided we might as well RAFlevel a couple more alts and then grant levels to additional alts, which would get me a horde pally and a horde warrior to at least 90. Then I can have her grant levels to a new horde DK (63) and two more horde warriors (86 and 23) that are both like 10 or 11 years old so I can't bear to delete but am in no hurry to level obviously.

    And I still need to unlock draenor flying and I need another 22 tomes for the legendary ring on my alliance rogue.

    And then outside of warcraft, there's CoD, battlefront, fallout 4, legacy of the void, rise of the tomb raider, eventually overwatch....

    So there's plenty to do!

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    wait patiently.

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    Fallout 4, Heroes of the storm, Legion beta, hearthstone, Diablo 3

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    Lots of stuff, but for WoW? Try to get my Hunter geared up to where I can tag along with Heroic guilds to get that stupid, gorgeous moose.

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    Fallout 4 with a friend. Listen in for more info on wow, all that's left that's worth listening to in my opinion is the class changes. They have those class change buttons right under the spot you can view the artifact weapons. It's the class preview, im assuming that's where that info will go if we get it. The class changes are the leave/not leave thing for me.

    Fury and arms getting good revamps is first on the list. fury currently has RNG leading its entire rotation and has its entire rotation revolve around it. That much rng and the class plays "eh". The playstyle for both specs are weak, fury not as much. Either way, I'll be playing other shit until I see the class changes. Most likely fo4.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlarStormbringer View Post
    Lots of stuff, but for WoW? Try to get my Hunter geared up to where I can tag along with Heroic guilds to get that stupid, gorgeous moose.
    Oh yeah, that too. What even item level should I be shooting for?

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    erm... play other games?

    bloodborne, dark souls 3, fallout 4........... these should keep me busy until legion and beyond.

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    I'll most likely unsub and play something else, but I'll probably resub several times before Legion because WoW owns my soul.

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    Finish Legendary Ring
    Roll another alt
    Play Fallout 4

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    Quote Originally Posted by SniperCT View Post
    Oh yeah, that too. What even item level should I be shooting for?
    should be 705-710 for Heroic Arch

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    Fallout 4 and GW2. Probably even beyond when it's released

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    Farming Blackhand/Arch mounts.

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