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    Overwatch Video/Highlight thread.

    You have an awesome highlight or a selfmade video to show? Post it here

    General rules apply

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    Red face Forogorn's Fun Videos and Stuff

    Hello! I got 4 videos that I want to share, and if you guys like them, feel free to subscribe lol

    A parody of the Genji trailer that I worked very hard on and made for fun. I feel like a lot of people will enjoy this one

    A compilation of Reinhardt charging people off cliffs, which some of you guys might really enjoy

    In this vid, I played extremely aggressive and spawn camped people as Reinhardt. I don't recommend this playstyle, but it can be fun

    Do you enjoy seeing Bastion get destroyed? Then watch this video montage of Bastion getting deflected and killed over and over by Genji!!
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    Here's my sniping clips compilation from the beta! new to making videos so any/all feedback is appreciated. enjoy!

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    Overwatch Plays of the Week submissions - send me your best clips!

    Hey guys, I thought it would be awesome to make some videos compiling the best plays of each week, taken from user submitted videos. Obviously Overwatch isn't out yet, but incase some of you had some nice beta clips that never got recognition, or want to record some stuff starting on the may 24th launch, I wanted to make this announcement now.
    I'd like to basically get the best clips out of the ones people send me, and put them into a 5-10 min video with commentary for each clip and recognition for each player. I'm not sure if it should be top 10, or in no particular order, some feedback on that would be nice to hear!
    Anyways, the best format would be to send youtube videos or twitch highlights, or any form of media I don't have to download to watch to my email, along with your name / player name that you go by in-game.
    Send your clips (along with bnet name) to [email protected] if you have any now, I'd love to start compiling some.
    Any ideas, suggestions, or feedback would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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    Tracer tries to get her hands on a copy of Overwatch

    thank you for watching =) I really appreciate it

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    This game is amazing! I started a new YouTube channel not to long ago. I plan on making a lot more Overwatch videos. Like/Subscribe if you enjoyed the video and to help my channel get going. Thanks

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    Overwatch PS4 - Hanzo 360's, Trickshotting, Multikill Montage

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    Video of me opening 50 loot boxes!

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    This is the first of many upcoming videos I will be making for Overwatch.

    Check it out if you want.


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    I'm doing a bunch of video guides breaking down maps, positioning, team comps and more. First map breakdown is below, going to be doing more in the coming days.

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    Just doing my troll thing with Symmetra

    then my more amazing POTGs

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    Hey guys, I've been making Overwatch videos for a little while now including gameplays, loot box opening and skin previews. I've recently started a new "Top 10 Play of the Game" countdown series. If you enjoy leave a like/subscribe for more regular content. Thanks <3

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    Just wanted to bump this with the video, as I have actually come out with it.

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    Oh so sunny Highlands of Scotland!
    Will probably post a fair bit of Overwatch stuff over the coming months ; this was just the easiest to get done first.. because.. well, it was!

    Opening 100+ Loot Boxes. Split up into 3 videos so it didn't end up 30+mins!

    Enjoy.. if you're into watching this sort of thing!

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    Hey guys checkout my new video on what I believe is currently the most overpowered hero.

    Don't forget to like and subscribe for more Overwatch videos, Thanks!

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    I wondered how stacking 6 D-VAs on offense would work out. Surprisingly well.

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