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    Play For Waekness As Well

    Playing multiple toons this pre launch period, I realized build strength has been the predominate factor in me choosing what to play .. So what if we focus on weaknesses? Thinking that way I realized while I'm really drawn to Warrior strengths, I'm not a fan of Arms being less mobile than other builds .. Sure Charge/Leap/Avatar/Bladestorm as well as a ranged stun are plenty of toys to play with but in random BG's once that's down its all she wrote .. (Having written it down it does not seem all that bad) ..

    WW while has great mobility, Karma is much needed against heavy hitting players ..

    Affi has lots of fun in the back but can be shut down by X1 WW for example ..

    Ele .. Err it's weakness is any one looking at it lol

    Feral .. Strong pressure but dies in a stun ..

    Which weaknesses are you ok with? And which you absolutely can't stand?

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    I am ok with my main spec not being God tier or Tier 1 in rated pvp, ok with not being top ST or AOE DPS

    I can't stand having poor survival abilities (like no self heals) or weak D-cds

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