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    [A] [US] 893-895(eq) Fire Mage, 890-893(eq) Rpally, and 889(eq) BM Hunter LF Guild

    Looking for a heroic/mythic Nighthold guide. Willing to progress heroic, but please be 10/10 N NH. Also, willing to server transfer but prefer a high population server.

    We're all currently on US-Sargeras

    Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 9:30pm CST - 2:00am CST availabilty.

    Fire Mage 893-895 Equipped(depends if st or cleave) (43 traits currently)
    Ret Paladin 890-893 Equppied(depends if ST/cleave) (43 traits currently)
    BM Hunter 889 Equppiped (37 Traits currently)

    Our guild disbanded and we're looking for a stable home with active players that play to improve during the week and not just raid times. We run multiple mythic dungeons weekly and do atleast a +15 for the weekly chest.

    Thank you for your consideration. Message me on hear with your real id and/or offer and I will be in contact with you!

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    Where I want to be and where I am are 2 different places
    Hey I don't know if we fit your bill but please check out Eternal-Kingdom on Proudmoore. https://kingdom-gaming.net/

    We are a high pop server and this guild is massive encompassing 4 guilds atm connected together by Greenwall (an addon that connects guilds together in guild chat). We have Eternal Kingdom and Endless Kingdom which are the main raiding team guilds and Alternal Kingdom and Alternal Kingdom Two for all the alts. We always have people on and people are always doing things. We have multiple teams running from High level mythic teams pushing top 100 US, middle ground teams, newly formed teams and casual teams. We have catch up groups and fun runs on Fridays. I am currently recruiting for the Imperium team which is a newly reformed team that used to be casual but now that it's reformed, we're having much higher goals of being a more competitive mythic team we just need the people to help finish fleshing out the raid and we'll really be going for it. We are 10/10 N and 2/10 H and we've been together for 3 weeks now. We are mainly looking for ranged dps (who isn't right now right?) but I'm sure for the sake of 2 ranged dps we can consider a melee with it.

    Our current raid times are W,Th,F 6:30pm PST - 9:30pm PST. I think our availabilities might be off by maybe an hour but if you can consider it, we'd love it.

    If you have any questions, I'd love to help and chat Zenyatta#1775 is my tag.

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    Hi there, I think we could be a good fit if you can raid a touch earlier.

    Hey there, I think we could be a good fit for you.

    <Deez Nerdz> – Bleeding Hollow -US (Horde) is recruiting ranged dps for Nighthold progression. We are 10/10N NH and 7/10H NH. We raid at a semi-hardcore level on a casual schedule. Be ready. Be on time. Know your stuff.

    We are seeking high quality RANGED dps to push mythic raiding on a casual schedule in Nighthold and beyond. Min 880 ilvl. Must be ready to jump into the fray.

    RECRUITMENT PREFERENCES (in order of preference)


    All players should have logs or show progress (not carries) with a solid background on a progression raid team.

    Tue/Thur 9pm-midnight EST

    Loot Council

    Battle.net clover#11874
    Discord: sephorae#7200


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    Hey we're on a medium pop server trying to grow ranks. Alliance dominant

    <Organized Crayons> of Arygos are looking for strong players to enhance our Mythic Roster with the idea of creating competition among all raiders. We are a semi-hardcore raid guild that clears content on a relaxed raid schedule, while also playing other games outside of WoW together too.

    Current Progression:
    7/7M Emerald Nightmare
    3/3H Trial of Valor
    1/10M Nighthold

    Raid Times:
    Tues: 8:30 pm to 11:30 pm CST
    Wed: 8:30 pm to 11:30 pm CST
    Thurs: 8:30 pm to 11:30 pm CST

    To become apart of our team, you must:
    : Be able to commit to our raid times (though we do understand and can usually accommodate for absences)
    : Have excellent raid awareness and reaction to boss mechanics.
    : Work on your character as often as possible: Mythic +s, Emissaries, etc
    : Bring knowledge of all current tier bosses, heroic and mythic difficulty
    : Know your class/spec inside and out. Rotations, Stat Priority, etc

    Brewmaster - High

    Druid- High
    Monk - High


    Mage- High
    Hunter- High
    Spriest- High
    Ele Shaman - High
    DH - High
    Warrior - High
    Druid - High

    Wanker1 #1746

    Discussion for guild members and recruiting.
    Please sign up on website and fill out an application by going to the Recruitment Thread OR Add and message either of the BTAGS above.
    Application is not mandatory just a convenience to show us that you are interested.

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    <Padlords> US Baelgun

    3/10M | 2/3M | 7/7M

    Raid Times:
    Tues/Thur/Mon (8PM to 12PM EST)
    We add wednesdays either the first week or second week of new content


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    Hey I see that you are from US-Sargeras. Our guild is on that server. We are 10/10N and progressing our way through Heroic. We are a very relaxed guild but a determined guild that progress through bosses fast. If you want to talk add me to real ID Nieghclaw#1613

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    Hey there,

    I believe <When in Doubt Corgis Out> would be a great fit for you. We are currently on Stormrage and are progressing through H NH (6/10) with the aim of hitting mythic very soon. We currently raid Wednesday 9pm-11pm EST (farm night), Thursday/Sunday 9pm-12am EST (progression). We have a relaxed atmosphere but when it comes to raiding, progression is all business. We run high keys and aim for +15 every week. This is a very brief summary about us, and if you have any more questions feel free to contact either t1nker#11698, Cloo#1830 or Bucknasty#11829 and we will answer all of your questions.

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    Refined is an Alliance guild based on Proudmoore (PVE). We recently changed server from a PVP server. The majority of our core raiders have followed, and we now look to replace the few spots available. Most of us are veterans of this game, going back to Vanilla where we were raiding in Top 50 US guilds. We will focus on progressing through Mythic content while keeping a good balance of focus on task at hand, and fun/non toxic environment.

    Recruitement officer: Hagi#11772

    We are looking for: * Dedicated, mature and talented players
    *High attendance rate (90%+)
    * Good PC, Internet and mic/headset

    Raid Schedule: TUE / WED / THU: 10PM PST - 1:15AM PST

    Guild progression for this tier: 10/10N; 7/10HC

    What we need:

    TANK (1 spot: We have Bear)
    Guardian Druid (Preferred)
    Prot Paladin (Preferred)
    *Any highly skilled tank with good communication skills will be considered.

    Discipline Priest
    * 1 spot


    Ret Paladin
    Death knight
    Demon Hunter


    All ranged dps are considered. Warlock and Ele Sham are on low demand atm.

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    <MF> (Proudmoore) is an adult gaming community founded in 2003 and we are looking for raiders to fill out of East Coast team for Mythic Nighthold.

    Raid Times:

    Wednesday/Thursday – 8:00 PM to 11:30 PM EST


    Current Progression: (as of 2017-01-30)

    Heroic NH 8/10

    Mythic EN 4/7


    Our mission:

    Having fun, being serious, and pushing content as hard as we can on a limited schedule. Taking the time we have to maximum efficiency.


    Our focus:

    Our East Coast team has always had the goal of raiding and progressing through Mythic. With Nighthold now out, we are looking to recruit DPS to get above our current 20 player team to be able to pull our 20 best into Mythic NH. This also mean having a larger roster for Heroic clears as well as having a bench.


    What we expect:

    We expect raiders to be prepared when they come to raids. This means flasks, food, enchants, knowledge of fights should all be handled before raid invites (15 minutes before raid starts). Bring a competitive attitude to pushing content in the limited time we have.


    What you can expect:

    A steady and consistent group of strong players pushing Mythic content on a Casual + schedule. Fun guild environment where you can push content outside of raid hours, with a large guild community with 30+ active players on during peak hours. A competitive roster that awards players a raid spot based on performance and attendance


    Some other requirements that you can expect from us:

    ·Know your class
    ·Be open to constructive criticism
    ·Enchant & gem your gear
    ·Come prepared to raid with pots/flasks/food
    ·A positive attitude and patience
    ·80% Attendance – Advising prior to raid if you will be away
    ·In depth knowledge of your class and the current raid content
    ·Mumble (voice server) / Discord
    ·Admit to your mistakes
    ·Show up on time and prepared for every raid (15 minutes before)
    ·Be communicative about any problems you may be having (in raid or in real life)

    If you are interested or have any questions please PM me or add Obbi#1599

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    [A] <Light Brigade> H NH: 10/10, 9PM Tue/Thu, Looking for Mythic Raiders

    Server: US - Burning Legion
    Faction: Alliance
    Progression: EN M: 7/7 | TOV H: 3/3 | NH H: 10/10

    We are currently looking for range DPS to immediately assist with mythic Night Hold.
    Accepting all applications for a 2nd group to help fill reserve roles until a main start spot opens up.
    We would like to first schedule a tryout night with you in a Heroic Full clear.
    Guild can assist with server transfers.
    Guild signing bonus available for quailed applicants.

    For more information reach me on bnet: Deepfreeze#1315

    Thank you,

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    Hey guys, Im recruiting for 10/10HC 1/10M guild on US Proudmoore. We are currently looking for great players to round out our mythic roster. We raid 8:30-11:30 PST tues/wed/thur. If you are interested please add me on Bnet Malificari#1591 and we can chat.

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    Hi! I'm Khamulofrhun from Satori-ScarletCrusade and we'd love to have you and your friends join our roster. We are currently 7/7M 2/3M 10/10H 2/10M and we raid Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday from 8:00 to 11:00 pm EST. We're a Semi-casual guild on a lower pop realm going for the realm first race. If any of this interests you shoot me a b-tag request at Khamul#1403. Thanks for your time and happy hunting .

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    <foxy> sargeras

    Current Progression:
    7/7M Emerald nightmare
    10/10H Nighthold
    1/10M Nighthold

    Raid Times:
    Progression Raids: Tues-Thurs (8pm-11pm central)(9pm-12pm EST)
    Alternate Runs: Friday, Saturday, Sunday (9pm-12pm EST) most days something will being going on at those times. We do have many people with alt’s

    Current Recruitment Needs:
    RDPS – Boomkin/Hunter/Ele Shaman/S Priest/Mage/Warlock
    Melee- Monk/DK/Rogue/DH
    Healers: Monk/Resto Druid

    Also considering all other exceptional players.

    About us:
    We're a progression focused guild, that realizes real life happens. We're not seeking server firsts, but we do want to clear the top tier of content, and build a group of people that will mesh well.

    What we offer you:
    •A competitive but fun environment
    •Constructive feedback

    What we want:
    •Reliable team player
    •Solid raiding background
    •Know your class and how to play it

    If you have any questions, feel free to message any foxy officer:
    Slapcecul- Unknownchris#1594
    Borluvgam - BOR#1199

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    9/10H NH

    We are a newly formed Horde raiding guild on the US-Mug’thol server. Our goals are being competitive on our server and clearing mythic content. We are looking to add mature players who are interested in excelling in a serious raid environment and enjoy completing other content on off nights (PVP, M+, Achievements, etc.)

    About Us:
    We strive for an enjoyable raid environment, but a serious attitude towards progression raiding is required. Maximum effort and preparation is required for all raids. The loot system we use is loot council.

    Raid Times:
    Tuesday and Thursday 8:30 PM - 11:40PM PST(Server Time)

    If you have any further questions or are interested in joining the guild please contact Wednezday#1133 or veltshmerts#1300.

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    Are you still looking for a guild? Add me on bnet if you want to talk. Your times line up with our raid times and we're on Sargeras. Currently 1/10M. dudu#12433

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    Hello there,

    If you are still looking for a guild, I would like to have a chat with you (you guys). Please add my bnet FAETH#1121


    Here is our current guild recruiting post:

    STAT STICK US-Stormrage; Semi-hardcore raiding guild focused on Mythic raiding and Mythic+ dungeons.

    Raid times:
    Thurs + Sunday 8-1130 PM EST.
    Optional Farm Nights: Tues/Sat (open to well geared alt)
    Current Progression:
    Normal: Cleared
    Heroic: Cleared
    Mythic: 3/10M (Main Progression)

    Normal: Cleared
    Heroic: Cleared
    Mythic: 2/3M
    Who we are looking for:
    RANGED DPS (any ranged DPS); Must have 50 Artifact Traits with min ilvl 885. We are looking for mature members who are comfortable with a relaxed raiding schedule but will put in the effort and focus needed to maximize that time! Our guild has multiple members cleared M+15 and willing to help if you need M+ for weekly cache. (We like to help each other as a family and enjoy the game we choose to play daily bases). We are a social, communicative group and would prefer a Discord chat over a lengthy application (If you want to? then Plz go to statstick DOT enjin DOT com). If you have combat logs would be appreciated but not are required. Many of us have been raiding together for several years, and while we are now well into adulthood and some of us even have kids; we still strive for progression raiding the 2 nights we are dedicated to. We are looking for raiders with a good attitude, competent execution of class-mechanics and high situational awareness.
    Contact Faeth#1121 & will arrange an interview for you!
    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Thx for reading and happy raiding!!

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