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    Aura of Sacrifice

    I love this talent, it heals for so much if you set it up properly but I am curious about something. Sometimes when I heal during aura it won't replicate. Does anyone know why? I know it's effective healing that replicates but I am wondering if there is a small ICD on this?

    I usually do the following rotation:

    Judge (for ring heal increase)
    Aura Mastery
    Holy Shock
    Holy Shock (if DP procs) or Light of Dawn
    Then i flash and a martyr

    Usually it gives about 20-30 mil healing depending on how well I execute the rotation.

    However, I notice sometimes, even the effective heal doesn't replicate at all. Last time it happened was on Mythic Krosus farm where the Light of Dawn in the rotation didn't replicate.

    Any insight on this would be appreciated.
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    LoD doesn't get replicated during AoS at all. Same with Lay on Hands, so you shouldn't cast those during your AM. Otherwise what you're doing looks mostly right.

    1. Precast Bestow Faith/Judgment/Tyr's
    2. AM, Holy Shock right after
    3. Fit as many FoLs in as you can
    4. If your haste allows it, another Holy Shock at the end. If not, you can end with a Light of the Martyr IF you wouldn't have time to cast another Flash of Light before AM is over.

    Try to avoid healing your beacon(s) directly as well unless you've got a big The Light Saves heal. The healing to your beacon(s) does get replicated.
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    oh shit, I was so sure LoD did work. THat makes sense now, thanks. I usually try to save a Light Saves or a charged up Holy Shock from Power of Silver Hand but just depends on proc.

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    So last raid i noticed something i've never noticed before...my pre fol did trigger Sac Healing. I never had this before and so i tried to reproduce it. The results were 50/50 if it worked or not.
    Basically this:
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsl8pXlSrgM (Here the PreFol triggered Sac)
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxOjrUzm60w (And here it didn't)

    If there would be any way to safely reproduce this, it would change alot. A precast IoL buffed Fol into a HS without a GCD between those 2 Abilitys would most likely top any raidgroup instant.

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    It depends on your latency. Anything above 50ms is going to be hit or miss.

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