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    Overwatch totally needs a disco priest
    so essentially another Zarya? no thanks

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    So, I genuinely hope Doomfist carries with him a fist of doom that evaporates shields, because the powercreep is getting up there, Rein, Symmetra Orisa can between them alternate shields for 4,000 absorbtion, add in a winston for good measure and you're never getting through those chokes unless you go full yolo-dive, this problem is only going to get worse as more heroes are released.

    WTB Shield blaster?
    You mean barriers? Shields are blue health bars, barriers are the glowy walls you can't always shoot through.

    I think we're in a good spot where some heroes can blast right through the them, and with heroes like winston that completely ignore barriers, or sombra who can shut them down you've got some options.

    Maybe allow Sombra to hack barriers directly (so they take increased damage) would be nice addition as just that final extra choice. I guess letting Mei freeze barriers for bonus damage would also give her more playtime without people freaking the fuck out.

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    Yeah it's getting really annoying sometimes. A choke point can just be plopped up full of barriers now, so you can't damage the enemy team while they have a Bastion and Soldier ripping you apart while you try to get through those damn things.

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    Sounds like you never played Bastion.

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    I don't see a problem with shields. Sometimes there are a ton of them up but that means you have to change your comp to deal with all those shields. There are heroes who can chew through them. Just have to teammates willing to swap or you swap yourself.

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    I wouldn't mind the barriers if more people actually shot them. And yet whenever I play Rein I always get my shield targeted.

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