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    Thumbs down Sad state of Legendaries

    So legendaries are higher level than artifacts. They all use old models. They randomly drop from bosses...a simple luck of the draw system.

    Who was the genius at Blizz who designed this fail system?

    This is not the WoW I remember.
    Milk was a bad choice.

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    The genius got a raise trust me. Blizz found the perfect way to make you play more, thus paying for the sub.
    It's shit for us, very good for them. The WoW you remember went extinct when Legion came

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron Burgundy View Post

    This is not the WoW I remember.
    Oh no! That's horrible! There is a remedy for this. It's called - don't play WoW. Or go and find one of those illegal Vanilla server where people circlejerk on how Vanilla was great.

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    Did you vote in the poll for "How would you design the Legendary System?"? Lots of good posts on the pros and cons of each system Blizz has tried. The old days, where whole guilds had to cooperate to get one player a lego, had their drawback too. What if everyone worked together to make it happen, only for that player to then leave and join another guild? What if you were waiting years for Blizz to get around to making your class the only class to get a legendary for the new xpac?

    Not that I'm saying the Legion system didn't have problems. Even Ion says they would do it differently if they could go back in time. But what exactly would you do, if you were in charge?

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    Legendaries are one of the main reasons for me to play like a casual scrublord this xpac. Cba with running the hamster wheel to get dem orangez.

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    Here it goes again!

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    There are several threads about legendary items on the front page even as I write this. We don't need another.

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