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    A Dante's Inferno-inspired layout to the raid would be kind of cool. I wouldn't want them to lay it on too thick (they can save that for something in Diablo), but it could really bring the finale together. I also definitely want to see a Dreadlord Council. We kept seeing them plot together in Warcraft III and never got to do anything about that. Smashing that party would be fun.

    For my predictions I didn't really do anything special. I left a lot of these vague, that's partially because I'd like them to be the ultimate commanders of their role, and the lore can be vague about that, not to mention we actually have a huge list of potential candidates for many of them now, so it could be anyone. Also, I haven't really been keeping an eye on who's still alive, but I tried my best to look them up.

    Gate Wing
    Infernal/Abyssal Gauntlet
    Hakkar the Houndmaster
    Imp Mother Leader

    Prison Wing
    Inquisitor Leader
    Victims of the Burning Legion (I'm imagining this like the Legion boss in Castlevania. This huge ball of corpses that slowly come off, revealing a vulnerable core. Could be centered around someone we know, like Varimathras for his failure.)
    Succubus/Incubus Leader

    Arena Wing
    Fel Reaver (like Varian fought)
    Aranasi Brood Queen
    The Burning Legion (Sort of like Halls of Reflection or the Klaxxi Paragons, but features a selection from Malchezaar, Jaraxxus, and a good chunk of the demons that Gul'dan summoned to the Broken Shore)

    Commander Wing
    Talgath (Taking over for Kil'jaeden)
    Dreadlord Council (Tichondrius, Anetheron, Mephistroth)
    Yrel (From our timeline, taking over for Archimonde)

    Argus Wing

    ...or at least, that's the general idea I feel like they'd try to do if I had to fill out a full raid.

    When it comes to guesses I actually feel strongly about, there are only two:
    The Dreadlord Council (not even necessarily who is in it)
    and Sargeras

    There are too many ways that everything else can go for me to feel strongly about a detailed prediction. I mean, depending on what happens to Kil'jaeden, and what's supposed to be canonical for Archimonde, I could even see a Commander Council fight with Archimonde, Kil'jaeden, and Mannoroth all at once.

    Also, I'm not joking about Yrel, but I can't say I feel strongly about it. They kept talking about this "dark secret" she had in Warlords of Draenor, but nothing came of it. It's possible that it had something to do with her characterization and storyline that got shifted around a lot early in development. A prediction I had back then was that she was related to Archimonde or Kil'jaeden. That could still be true, and if it was, we could still find out that she ended up evil in our timeline and that would make a great boss, but I don't know why that dark secret thing was never mentioned again, so I don't feel strongly about it.
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