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    Favorite/ least favorite characters

    So which characters do you like to play as, which are meh and which are something you just cant seem to work with.

    Heres mine:


    Gul'dan - i freaking love Gul'dan and hes the only "mage" type of characters ive found thats comfortable to play as. Altough he doesnt rack up as many kills as some other assasisn ive played as, that feeling when you slowly bleed the other heroes dry or set them running with the last of their health ticking off is great.

    Artanis - i find Artanis much fun to play as a tank and as a dmg dealer.

    Rexxar - I found previous Rexxar to be almost unplayable, but after the tweaks hes become a real nice tank to play as. Controlling Misha isnt a nightmare now.

    Leoric - I like Leoric for his harrasment and presence on the battlefield. He can sometimes rack some good kills too.

    Raynor - Raynor works as a simple damage dealer and a fun hero sometimes to play.

    Brightwing - only healer ive found that i like, since they went and completely changed Uther.

    Zeratul - My fav stealth assasin.

    Chen - Chen is still fun to play even with the new skills.

    Muradin - One of the newest tanks ive tried and i freaking love him so far.

    Falstad - one of the best ranged ones ive tried.

    Ragnaros - Another new favorite.

    Greymane - one of my favorites, but ahvent played him so much recently. Ive gotten a little rusty.


    Butcher - There are some matches where i can handle butcher, but sometimes i feel like im playing him too aggressively and sometimes way too conservatively. I just dont know. Lately hasnt intrested me that much.

    Zul'jin - That troll laugh. Only downsize is hes pretty predictable with builds. And thats why i put him in the meh category.

    Illidan - I used to like Illidan alot, but in recent matches he feels like someone said, "neutered".

    Arthas - Arthas is ok, i just find his skill quite dull atm.

    Probius - I dont know about this guy, maybe i just cant play it as effectively. Or maybe it needs some buffs.

    Diablo - probably the best of this part of the list, since ive gotten a handle of him recently.

    Tychus - Hes fun in certain matches, other times he cant kill shit.

    Horrible as:

    Alarak - i just cant combo with this guy effectively, hes works very weird the times ive tried him. Left him at lvl 5.

    Chromie - Ever worse. I cant hit anything with Chromie, shooting with her is like shooting with that Gantz lag gun, you pray you connect to enemies everytime you use it.

    Kael'thas - Again some timing issues.

    Johanna - tbh havent even bothered.
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    Like(these ones I enjoy, and in most cases, do well with):Valla, Li Ming, Chromie, Dehaka, Diablo, Tracer, Lili, Illidan

    Decent(these ones I like reasonably well and/or do reasonably well with):Alarak, Tyrande, Abathur, Murky, Sylvanas, Zagara, Hammer, Kerrigan, Kael'thas, Nova, Falstad, Artanis, Jaina, Varian, Leoric

    Okay(these I should like but just can't seem to do as well with as I should, not sure why or they have something that prevents me from liking them as much as I want to):Ragnaros, Lunara, Greymane, Butcher, Zeratul, Valeera, Tyreal, Cassia, Xul, Muradin

    Dislike(these I just don't like to play much, no matter how good or bad I am with them):Lost Vikings, Uther, Genji, Johanna, Stitches, Chen, ETC, Anub'arak, Arthas, Rexxar, Morales, Gul'dan, Probius, Malfurion

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    Favorite Characters: Chromie, Leoric, Gul'dan, Uther, Raynor, Stitches, Tychus, Azmodan
    Least Favorite: Abathur, Sgt. Hammer, Tassadar,

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    Favourites: brightwing, li ming, kharazim, sylvanas - mobile characters are my jam.
    Least: Gazlowe, xul, tychus because I'm awful with him.
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    Sonya (I suck with her...hard lol)

    Those are all who come to mind right now without looking at the full roster
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    Favourite: Kael, Varian, Tyrande, Leroic, Sylvanas and Zeratul. Both for the playstyles but also for their lore and the characters themselves.

    Least favourite: Sonya, Falstad and Dehaka. I just can't seem to play well with them not sure why. Everyone else I am either competent with or like.

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    I actually love most heroes. Only some I don't want to play for various reasons. Mostly because they depend on group or certain drafts, including the invisible heroes and heroes like medivh.
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    Favourite - Zagara. She is amazing fun to play and is a pushing Machine. Currently have a 77% win Rate on her over 45 games with a 5.2 KDA.

    Least Favourite - Kerrigan, Nova.

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    Most - Valla, Jaina, Sylvanas, Malfurion, Uther, Falstad, Sonya, Anub'arak, Varian
    Least - Gazlowe, Chen, Murky, TLV, Azmodan, Valeera, Skeleton King, Diablo
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    Favorites (in order of favorite to least): Abathur, Kael'thas, Murky, Leoric, Tyrande, Kharazim.

    Abathur is probably the only reason I've been invested in HotS as long as I have been. He's easily the most unique thing I've seen in a MOBA and better yet he's actually quite a solid pick outside of QM. He has a ton of different builds that drastically change the way you play him, and while I guess I'd gripe that he's pretty bad to just QM with post-"bug fix" (read: nerf) everything else kinda makes up for it. He's not quite as good as he used to be, but he is still the most satisfying hero to play well.

    Kael'thas is everything you could really want from a mage honestly. He can clear lanes without draining his mana, he has decent ranges, his teamfight damage is horrifying and telling enemies not to clump up on maps like Cursed Hollow is a death sentence. He can murder otherwise good team comps and even against unfavorable comps he's never quite bad.

    Murky I just love playing in QM. I'm not gonna say he's great, but damn is he fun and honestly hilarious to play. He's a true QM stomper and has a lot of tricks in his toolkit. He's a great lane clearer and can contribute a lot to a teamfight with either of his ults, and is comically enough with Octo-Grab an impressive duelist against squishy heroes with his slime-puffer-grab-slime combo.

    Leoric is just solid. He's a great bruiser, extremely disruptive and can soak damage like a champ. His ability to output massive levels of damage and the way he deals with the tank-heavy meta makes him my favorite pick in actual ranked games. He's the true definition of a bruiser and I also don't feel like he has any particular phases of the game where he's actually bad like most heroes do.

    Tyrande and Kharazim are just my preferred supports and I like them both for different reasons. Tyrande is an offensive support that works well in QM whereas Kharazim works super well in coordinated premades. I enjoy playing more aggressive supports and they fill this role perfectly.

    For least favorite, in order from most disliked to play and least disliked: TLV, Stitches, Johanna, Arthas.

    TLV is simply not fun. In any way. I have no idea why anyone would play this hero unless they lost a bet. Imagine playing Murky with nothing that makes Murky good and everything that makes Murky bad. Soaking experience is not exactly a glorious role and to put it bluntly I find absolutely no enjoyment out of playing the game when I play TLV. He's a 5-and-forget, and the worst kind.

    Stitches I just don't think fits my playstyle. He's the Blitzcrank/Pudge of this game, I hated them in those games and I hate them in this game too. Utility-based, overall mediocre aside from their hook. Sure they can win games on their own but I simply don't like the pressure I feel to actually nail hooks as it is essentially all Stitches can really contribute.

    Johanna is a tank chock-full of utility....and nothing else. A horrible duelist, reliant on teammates and Mana-starved out the ass. I usually love super tanky initiator heroes but there's something genuinely unenjoyable about the way Johanna plays.

    Arthas is a hero that I know is good. He's the truest of bruisers, having enough HP to be suicide to focus but too much damage to ignore. But...I can't help the feeling that for such an iconic character, he sure does feel bland and dull...
    He's good, and I feel like I'm quite good at him, but the way he slogs through teamfights while his mostly passive damage ticks away at the enemy team simply isn't an interesting design. If I could choose one hero to get a heavy rework it'd be him because Arthas is simply every combination of unsatisfying.

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    I don't really have favourites really. I mainly focus on melee Heroes and avoid ranged if I can.

    If I were to state my favourites, I guess it is Alarak, Genji, Greymane and maybe Ragnaros or Tyrael.

    However hero I struggle on is Zeratul, which is weird. I know most of his tricks and how to play him, but have hard time finding openings and executing stuff properly. It kind of frustrates as he can be very impactful, but I was never into stealth characters to begin with.

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    I destroy things as Ming (level 30 isn't relatively that high, I guess, but I think like half of my games total were as Ming. Ending up with MVP most of the times, most of times I don't is when I get an unlucky death or if I get robbed by the system), usually do very well with Ragnaros, Johanna and Jaina.

    I don't like playing vs TLV, Hammer and Abathur. Abathur - mostly because I don't really play heroes with global presence, meaning I often get screwed by backdoors. Pretty much same reason for TLV, except you get 2 other lanes to cover instead of one. Hammer - because most of the times I see her is when the enemy team actually tailors the comp around Hammer, so it's very hard to force her out of the fights, in which case she often ends up dominating the game. Same goes for TLV and Abathur to an extent. This could all be solved by playing in premades, but for a solo Q player it's a nightmare.

    I ABSOLUTELY hate playing as Dehaka, I always feel like I'm hitting like a wet noodle, and that's if I even hit anything, since he's so slow and immobile. I don't mind having him in either team, but I'd cut myself if I had to ever play him again.
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    Like: Sylvanas, Zagara, Auriel, Diablo, Artanis, Arthas, Nazeebo, Morales, Lunara, Guldan, Li Ming, KT, Tassy, Anub.

    I love heroes that can keep on fighting in long stretched out fights without having to back off. I also like any hero that has decent pushing power when left unattended by the enemy team. In general though i dont like shoehorning myself into just a single role; the game has so many possible diverse playstyles, so limiting myself is boring.

    Dislike: Chen (feels useless), TLV (dont like how squishy they are separately), Lucio (healing feels weak), Azmodan (feels weak in teamfights),
    Leoric and Johanna always feel like their teamfight contribution is weak outside of leorics entomb.
    Genji/Tracer/Illidan cos theyre fakn cancer.

    A few others like Alarak, Rexxar, Kerrigan and Hammer, Im still in the process of gettinv comfortable with.

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    I'll just stick to heroes I like. The ones I dislike are mostly because they are underplayed (by me) and thus I simply lack the experience to do very well with it.

    So for the heroes I like: Zeratul , Muradin , Anub'Arak , Tyrael , Abathur , Uther (altho stopped playing him way before rework), Rehgar, ETC , Arthas and Gul'dan.

    So pretty much tanks the odd assassin here and there. Supp wise I mostly like Uther and Rehgar but whip out the Li Li if I am forced to supp despite prepicking a tank. Kharazim more as melee assassin :P

    The rest.. ocassionally gets played but lately , also because im playing in a team, most my focus is on tanks

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    Favorite Warriors:
    Dehaka, Rexxar, ETC, Zarya
    ETC is a one man disruption machine, Zarya does respectable damage, Dehaka is everywhere on the map and pushes really well and I love Rexxar's Misha tanking.

    Least Favorite Warriors:
    Mauradin, Tyreal, Chen
    All of them feel like they do nothing except absorb skillshots

    Favorite Assassins:
    Chromie, Kael'thas, Gul'dan
    Chromie's damage is insane in team fights, Kael'thas is the king of combo mages and Gul'dan's constant DPS is great

    Least Favorite:
    Tracer, Cassia, Alarak
    All of them seem too risky for not enough damage

    Favorite Specialists:
    Probius, Nazeebo, Sylvanas
    Probius combines great burst with high constant DPS and good utility. Nazeebo is a siege machine with great damage in team fights and Sylvanas is great for clearing Mercs and pushes lanes hard while having respectable single target damage in fights

    Least Favorite:
    Lost Vikings, Murky, Gazlowe
    Spliting lanes on one character will never be something I'm into, Uninterested in dying all the time so Murky is meh and Gazlowe's just too weak and Probius does his schtick better

    Favorite Supports:
    Lucio, Brightwing, Rehgar
    Lucio's mobility and team fight healing are great, Brightwing's map presence and ability to peel are awesome and Rehgar does respectable damage and has one of the best basic ability heals in the game.

    Least Favorite:
    Khazarim, Uther
    Khazarim is too squishy and does no damage for how he is supposed to play and Uther's high CDs and mana costs are gross

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    Favorite character: Illidan from two years ago.
    Least favorite: Illidan now.

    You launched him decent, patched him badly, reworked him horribly. Third time's the charm Blizzard?

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    Favorite warrior
    • Artanis

    Artanis is just awesome, his shield is great and gives lots of durability, plus even when following a tanky build he can still nicely harass enemies and stick to squishies if necessary. Diablo is great 'cos he's Diablo, and he has a nice engage and plenty of stuns. Johanna is great for her blind, awesome shield, pile up ability, she's just wonderful.

    Least favorite warrior
    • Anub'arak

    Played Rexxar only twice, it was weird and clunky, plus I'm bad. Muradin isn't that bad, but just feels plain. Anub'arak also isn't so bad, but I feel like I get more out of other warriors.

    Favorite assassin
    • Li-Ming

    Li-Ming is simply a beast. I suck with her, but she is just so awesome! Plenty of builds to follow, always lots of damage, she's a great pusher, team fighter, just really well-rounded. Similarly to her, Jaina is also an excellent mage, just damn wonderful. Compared to Li-Ming she brings some more crowd control. And lastly Chromie, with whom I also suck; she just deals a beastly amount of damage, just beastly! Somewhat weaker wave clear, but just as powerful when sieging and in team fights.

    Least favorite assassin
    • Falstad

    I suck with all three. They're not bad, I see how other players demolish teams with them, but I'm not one of them. Falstad feels kind of weird, maybe if his range was just 1 point longer I'd be happy with him. Tychus (didn't play him after the rework) looks cool, has cool abilities, but in-game he just feels plain and lame. And Kerrigan, the queen of blades; with a team behind her she's beastly, but since I played only AI matches until recently, there was never an option of building a group to make her awesome.

    Favorite support
    • LiLi

    Both of them have excellent longevity and bring some decent utility, especially LiLi with her blind (and potentially slow). If I want to play a support, those two are the ones I'll gravitate to. Others such as Auriel, Malfurion and Lucio are also good, but these two hit the spot for me.

    Least favorite support
    • Tassadar

    He used to be my favorite, and he's also the only hero for whom I purchased a skin. But some time after release he got some changes or something and it just wasn't fun playing him anymore. After his rework he's kind of better, but I'd still rather choose other supports before him.

    Favorite specialist
    • Sgt. Hammer

    All three are great pushers and can deal wonderful damage in team fights. Hammer with her ridiculous damage from extreme distance, while Azmodan and Zagara (with Nydus worms) can create wonderful pressure in multiple lanes. Zagara with her healing in Nydus worms, and just popping all over the place is so great. All in all they're just wonderful.

    Least favorite specialist
    • Sylvanas

    Gazlowe has too many time delayed abilities. And his turrets aren't impressive. I dunno when he got changed, but don't like him anymore. Murky, while cute isn't really all that interesting to me. Some people manage to harass entire teams with him, but I only manage to harass myself. Sylvanas, she's great, but also plain; I can't describe it better, her kit is cool, but at the same time so meh. For a character who was quite cool in Warcraft 3, and keeps becoming more important in WoW, she just feels so generic in HotS.

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    Warrior: Johanna. The ultimate tank, is nigh on unkillable end game, and has great wave clear. I think she is literally the reason that they've not added any more pure tanks.

    Assassin: recently, feeling a lot of love for Valla. the Vault build is a lot of fun to play and produces some slightly wacko numbers.

    Support: LOVE me some Archon, so it has to be Tassadar, although Tyrande comes in a close second and could potentially take the lead with her upcoming changes.

    Specialist: Xul. His cursed strikes build is a lot of fun and pulls INSANE damage, both hero and siege.

    Least favourite:
    Warrior: Dehaka. Just can't get this guy to work. I can play any other warrior and feel like I can really make an impact on my team, but whenever I play Dehaka I feel useless.

    Assassin: Alarak. I've seen people play this guy and WRECK... But that ain't me. terrible scores whenever I try him, can't find a playstyle that works for me... No thanks!

    Support: Lucio. Tbh, all the supports are pretty solid and have their niche, but I have the least success with Lucio, I just don't really vibe with his playstyle.

    Specialist: Lost Vikings. Fuck these guys. FUCK them.
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    I've got an update to my list, Tracer should be among the favourite assassins. I just tried her, and wow, just wow, played three matches (Hanamura, Towers and Cursed hollow) and she is just amazing! Super squishy, but wow, such mobility, such persistent damage, it's insane! And with Q on quick cast she literally zaps around! And the sound she makes while zapping around! It's all just so awesome! Did I mention she's awesome? Definitely going to level her up, at least to level 10. It is simply so satisfying to play her.

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