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    [Help] Some Frenzied Regeneration theorycrafting questions.

    Hi everyone,
    I'm currently trying to do my own weakaura for expected Frenzied Regeneration heal, but im not sure how to exactly calculate it. I tried to do some own reaserch and testing, but I'm not that smart to fully understand it. Basic heal is easy to calculate, becouse its "50% of all damage taken in the last 5 sec", but then comes multipliers. By multipliers I mean artifact trait Wildflesh, Guardian of Elune talent, versatillity, additional heal form mastery, and things like Life Cocoon form monks (and other classes). So far by my testing formula is:

    ((heal * (1 + artifact trait% + guardian of elune%))) *(1 + versatillity%)) + (all calculated heal from before * mastery)

    At this point I'm lost becouse there are this other class multipliers, and items like Skysec's Hold for instance and I have no idea where to put them in. The second thing is that I'm not sure if my calculations are correct. So, do anyone know how to properly write this formula?

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    this weakaura does exactly what you want I guess.

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    Not exactly, I'm trying to add estimated heal to current health and view it as a bar, then hide it behind current life bar, so i will always see how much it will heals me. Its easier for me to write it from scratch then edit from text to bar. I hope that my explanation is clear... I can't operate English that smooth

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    Well I'm not deep enough into WeakAuras to do something like this, but probably this can help you:

    it is a bit outdated, but the basics should be the same

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    Secound link helps a bit, becouse its using basic multipliers like mastery and versatillity, so i can confirm my formula, but it doesn't count artifact, talent and multipliers form other classes. But its a good start

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