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    Conspiracy Sub-Forum?

    I think the political sub-forum is great. It'd also be nice to have a conspiracy forum. Has this been discussed in the past?

    My biggest gripe with MMO-Champ is the selective infractions against conspiracies or topics that aren't so black and white. There's some unfair treatment depending on which political party you're affiliated with. You guys could generate a ton of traffic (r/conspiarcy has 500,000 subscribers), make mod's jobs easier, lets posters not worry about infractions and if you guys got more traffic maybe you wouldn't have to keep telling me to turn off ad-block.

    Edit: Also you can still keep the conspiracy sub-forum clean using the same rules that are in place.
    ie.) -Bigoted slurs are not tolerated.
    -No blog spam/malicious web sites.
    -No abusive/threatening language.
    -Misleading, fabricated or sensationalist headlines are subject to removal.
    -Self posts that lack context or content may be removed.
    -No Religion bashing
    -No Race/Ethnicity bashing
    -No Nationalism and nation bashing
    -No Graphic violence or gore images/videos
    -No Content that is dangerous or considered illegal
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    Not going to happen.

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